10 04, 2022

Queensland Vaccine Mandates Illegal

April 10, 2022|Australia, Human Rights, Stories|

“The Queensland Human Rights Commission has sensationally claimed the chief health officer’s direction requiring teachers and early childcare workers to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 is not justified.

The commission also claims the latest vaccine mandate direction is outside John […]

10 04, 2022

The Environmental Downside of Electric Vehicles

April 10, 2022|Environment, Stories, World|

An electric vehicle requires six times the mineral inputs of a comparable internal combustion engine vehicle, according to the International Energy Agency.

At one time, “Saving the Environment” and “Fighting Climate Change” were synonymous. That is no longer true. The quest for […]

29 01, 2022

Australian Defence Force training in Western Australia

January 29, 2022|Defence, Stories|

Australian Defence Force personnel will conduct counter-terrorism training in the greater Perth metropolitan area of Western Australia from February to December 2022.

The training will be conducted during the day and night. 

The public should not be alarmed if they see or hear military watercraft, vehicles, unmanned […]