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When politics and politicians have become corrupt to doing be bidding of outside, unelected influences, then activism becomes one of the mechanism with which to wrestle control back into the hands of ‘we the people’ to form a new, uncorrupted government.

The World Freedom Alliance is working closely with established groups to devise strategies both politically and actively to end this tyranny.  Our activism takes many forms – coming from different angles with a unified goal will confuse our adversaries and give us strength.

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Nigel Utton: Speech That Should Have Happened

Trafalgar Square, London on 26 Aug 2020
This is the speech that Nigel Utton would have given in London’s Trafalgar Square right before the event was rudely interrupted.   Here’s your chance to listen to what the authorities didn’t want you to hear!

Nigel Utton: ”Free Thinking Allowed?”


Episode 1
Nigel Utton discusses his journey from City Councilor to fighting for our freedoms from the tyranny being imposed on the UK population from the government, and how safe effective decades long medication is being suppressed, in place for life-threating ventilator approaches and unproven vaccines.

UK Scrapping June 21: Mutant makes Vaccinated Severely Ill


The Mail Online: 11 May 2021
Matt Hancock, who warned a new Covid variant that bypasses vaccines would pose the ‘biggest risk’ to lockdown-ending plans next month.  The Health Secretary said the only thing that would prevent England from scrapping more restrictions on June 21 would be the emergence of a mutant strain that makes vaccinated people severely ill.

Latest Political News

May 2022


May 18, 2022|Categories: Australia, Corruption, Law, Politics, W.H.O.|

A new, dangerous World Health Organisation pandemic treaty is a threat to all Australians. The next World Health Assembly, which will take place in Geneva, May 22 to 28, 2022, will vote upon proposed amendments to the International Health Orders (IHO). The vote is to make the World Health Organisation’s International Health Regulations mandatory on [...]


May 18, 2022|Categories: Australia, Corruption, Law, Politics, W.H.O., World|

Last month, while most people were distracted by rising inflation, food shortages and events in the Ukraine, the latest round of WHO’s hearings on the “Pandemic Treaty” took place in Geneva. The next round of talks are due to start mid-June, with a working draft to be ready for “internal negotiations” by 1 August 2022. [...]

Oppose International Health Regulation Amendments this May 2022 #StoptheWHO Call to Action: Send this Open Letter

May 17, 2022|Categories: Law, Politics, Protest, Resistance, W.H.O.|

WORLD COUNCIL FOR HEALTH TO: The People of Our World and all Sovereign Nations CC: World Health Assembly representatives CC: The WHO and the United Nations Background The International Health Regulations (IHR) was adopted by 194 member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2005. They enable the WHO to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern [...]

Local council votes to SUE Mark McGowan’s government over the state’s tough vaccination mandates

May 16, 2022|Categories: Australia, Human Rights, Law, Politics|

Council in WA's Pilbara region to launch legal action against vaccine mandates Majority of councillors at Port Hedland council voted in favour of going to courtCouncil received legal advice that warned the case could damage its reputationWestern Australia has highest third jab rate of any Australian state or territory  A council in Western Australia will launch legal action [...]

Russia Alleges Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, Obama, Soros, Clintons, Bidens, Rockefellers & Others Involved in Ukraine Biolabs

May 16, 2022|Categories: Corruption, Human Rights, Politics, World|

A statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense (MOD) on Wednesday accused a slew of prominent politicians, pharmaceutical companies and government entities of participating in a global conspiracy in Ukraine. Specifically, the Russian MOD claims the U.S. and other NATO nations have been engaged in illegal military-biological projects within Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s former [...]