6 12, 2022

Switzerland: After Being Ignored by The Courts, Lawyer Goes Public with Criminal Case Against Swissmedic and Demands Immediate Suspension of Vaccines

December 6, 2022|Censorship, Corruption, Finance, Human Rights, International|

On 14 November, a Zurich attorney announced a lawsuit against three officials in Swissmedic and five in Insel Group, which runs a large hospital centre in Bern.

The complaint alleges Swissmedic violated the nation’s criminal code by approving poorly tested, ineffective vaccines and then ignoring thousands of Swiss cases of related disability […]

5 12, 2022

Apple CEO Tim Cook is questioned after company limited popular protest tool in China

December 5, 2022|Censorship, Corruption, Digital ID, Finance, Human Rights, Inquiry, International, Misinformed Media, Politics, Privacy, Protest, Psychology, Resistance, Slavery, Social Credit, Surveillance, Technology|

Rep. Dusty Johnson has asked Apple CEO Tim Cook whether there was coordination between the Chinese Communist Party and Apple to limit AirDrop, a tool that was a popular way for protesters to communicate until Apple recently limited its features.

5 12, 2022

An Invisible Prison Has Been Built Just for You

December 5, 2022|CBDC, Censorship, Corruption, Digital ID, Finance, Food Supply, GreenWash, Human Rights, International, Misinformed Media, Politics, Privacy, Propaganda, Psychology, Slavery, Social Credit, Surveillance, Technology|

All the pieces are now coming together to control the global population, and this digital prison is already mostly built. When it’s finished, it will be the final lockdown of mankind.



  • An international vaccine […]
    • An international vaccine […]
5 12, 2022

Exposed: Child labour behind smart phone and electric car batteries

December 5, 2022|Abuse, Children, Finance, GreenWash, Human Rights, International, Misinformed Media, Politics, Pollution, Psychology, Slavery, Stories, Technology|

Major electronics brands, including Apple, Samsung and Sony, are failing to do basic checks to ensure that cobalt mined by child labourers has not been used in their products, said Amnesty International and Afrewatch in a report published today.

The report, […]

4 12, 2022

FBI met weekly with Big Tech ahead of the 2020 election, agent testifies

December 4, 2022|Abuse, Censorship, Corruption, Inquiry, International, Law, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Politics, Privacy, Propaganda, Psychology, Technology|

FBI Agent Elvis Chan testified Tuesday to Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general

An FBI agent testified to Republican attorneys general this week that the FBI held weekly meetings with Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley ahead of the 2020 presidential election to discuss “disinformation” on […]

4 12, 2022

Ivermectin, a potential anticancer drug derived from an antiparasitic drug

December 4, 2022|International, Ivermectin, Research, Treatment|

Ivermectin has powerful antitumor effects, including the inhibition of proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenic activity, in a variety of cancer cells. This may be related to the regulation of multiple signaling pathways by ivermectin through PAK1 kinase.

On the other hand, ivermectin promotes programmed cancer cell death, including apoptosis, autophagy […]