Free The Nation Music is a truly independent campaign to unite musicians who support freedom

Music is about choice. Music is about freedom. Music is about love and acceptance.

We are all free to choose the music we love, to choose music which resonates with our lives, our dreams and our aspirations.

Music is powerful too. So it is very concerning to freedom lovers everywhere when famous musicians take a public political position which goes against freedom, which goes against choice and which goes against love and acceptance.

We oppose mandatory jabs, mandatory testing and mandatory checking in.

The #VaxTheNation campaign running in Australia right now has enrolled the support of many high profile musicians to encourage trusting fans to get the jab. In this case the jab is for an experimental injection (which, by accepted definitions of ‘vaccines’ is not even a vaccine) for a virus (which by the CDC’s own admission has not been isolated or purified) with a 99%+ survival rate.