28 05, 2022

Lockdowns saved just 10,000 lives in Europe and US combined: Updated John Hopkins study finds draconian measures had ‘little to no effect’ on Covid death rate

May 28, 2022|Corruption, Misinformed Media, Police, Politics, Research, W.H.O.|

  • The first Covid lockdowns in Europe and US had ‘little or no effect’ on the virus death rate, analysis suggests
  • Economists said draconian restrictions put in place in March 2020 reduced virus mortality rates by just 3.2%
  • This equates to just 6,000 fewer deaths in Europe and 4,000 fewer in the US, […]
19 04, 2022


April 19, 2022|Human Rights, Law, Police, World|

On Thursday, the German parliament overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would mandate Covid vaccination for German citizens by a vote of 378-296, according to CEO of Becker News, Kyle Becker. “The Covid vaccine mandate is DEAD in Germany,” he added on Twitter.

Additionally, Becker revealed the bill would have required […]

21 03, 2022

Unvaccinated Police Officers Dishonourably Discharged

March 21, 2022|Australia, Police|

“…one of the more devastating aspects of this blanket directive is watching the heartless treatment of long serving sworn officers, some on the verge of complex PTSD from all they have seen and done for us.”

Unvaccinated Police officers in New South Wales received an order last week notifying them […]