29 05, 2023

Infection with common cold coronaviruses can trigger broad cross-immunity against SARS-CoV-2 proteins

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Dr. Nicola Wittekindt Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Deutsches Zentrum für Infektionsforschung

Researchers at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf have demonstrated cross-reactive immune responses to another SARS-CoV-2 protein besides the spike protein. The research team found a broad immune system T cell response to the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of […]

29 05, 2023

A new study finds a sudden and sustained increase in excess deaths and stillbirths in Germany from April 2021

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A new study used state-of-the-art actuarial science to examine excess deaths in Germany.  The study set out to estimate covid deaths.  There were no excess deaths in 2020 but “something must have happened in spring 2021 that led to a sudden and sustained increase in mortality,” the study said.  A similar mortality pattern […]

28 05, 2023

British MPs write to Foreign Office about Pandemic Treaty designed to increase WHO’s powers

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British Members of Parliament (“MPs”) say a new pandemic treaty will give the United Nations’ World Health Organisation (“WHO”) the power to impose lockdowns on signatories, despite corporate media claims to the contrary.

letter from six Conservative MPs to Andrew Mitchell, a Foreign Office minister, calls for a Commons […]

28 05, 2023

Now published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature: “The mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous”

May 28, 2023|Abuse, Australia, Censorship, Consent, Fatality, Fertility, Finance, Human Rights, illness, Inquiry, Pharma, Politics, Psychology, Research, Resistance, Vax Damage|

In case you missed it. Every health authority in the world should be warning the public about this. The paper was published Sept 21, 2022.

Figure 1. “Not safe or effective”

27 05, 2023

‘Legacy of harm’: Study details ‘wide-ranging collateral damage’ of Covid lockdowns

May 27, 2023|Abuse, Australia, Censorship, Corruption, Fatality, Food Supply, GreenWash, Human Rights, illness, Inquiry, Military, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Police, Politics, Propaganda, Protest, Psychology, Resistance, Social Credit, UN, Vax Damage|

Lockdowns heightened public distrust of governments. Picture: Jason Edwards
Lockdowns heightened public distrust of governments

Lockdowns likely caused “more harm than benefit” with “wide-ranging damage” that will be felt for years to come, a grim new study has found.

Pandemic lockdowns likely […]

27 05, 2023

The decline of science at the FDA has become unmanageable

May 27, 2023|Censorship, Corruption, Finance, Human Rights, Inquiry, International, Pharma, Politics, Research|

Before 1962, US federal law did not require pre-marketing proof of effectiveness for drugs. But senate hearings revealing widespread false advertising of drugs—along with the thalidomide safety disaster—spurred Congress into action. From then on, approval of a New Drug Application (NDA) by the US Food and Drug Administration required proof of “substantial […]