3 08, 2022

‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’: Digital ID Systems Could Lead to Severe, Irreversible Human Rights Violations

August 3, 2022|CBDC, Censorship, Digital ID, Finance, Food Supply, Health, IT, Misinformed Media, Politics, Psychology, Social Credit, Surveillance, World|

The authors of a New York University’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice report on digital identity systems warned of “severe and potentially irreversible” human rights violations and argued for open debate “with full transparency and involving all relevant stakeholders.” 

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11 07, 2022

Declassified NZ Defence Force Reports Reveal Chemtrail Linked To Outbreak Of Illnesses

July 11, 2022|Censorship, Corruption, Environment, Health, Psychology, World|

Among a recently-released assortment of declassified reports of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) from New Zealand, dating from 1952-2009, were letters written in 1999 and 2000 by a concerned citizen, who predicted that an outbreak of illnesses would occur after an “aircraft contrail,”  […]

29 06, 2022

WHO Recommends New Gates-Funded Polio Vaccine to Address Vaccine-Derived Polio Outbreak in U.K.

June 29, 2022|Censorship, Children, Corruption, Health, Politics, W.H.O., World|

The World Health Organization on Nov. 13, 2020, granted Emergency Use Listing to a novel oral polio vaccine, developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The vaccine is designed to treat type 2 vaccine-derived poliovirus — the same type of polio identified in the U.K.’s first polio outbreak in 40 years.

29 06, 2022

Sudden Adult [Vaccine] Death Syndrome: Excess Deaths in Australia are up 18% since the start of 2022 but only 6% of all deaths have been attributed to COVID-19

June 29, 2022|Australia, Health, Research, Vax Damage|

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed that Australia has been suffering a huge amount of excess deaths compared to the historical average since around October 2021, with figures revealing the number of Australians who have lost their lives in 2022 is 18% higher than the historical average.

However, the […]

26 06, 2022

Lost children of lockdown

June 26, 2022|Children, Health, Inquiry, Psychology, World|

We all know they suffered during Covid. But this landmark Mail investigation reveals it’s only now that the true devastating toll is starting to show – and it’s the poorest who are hardest hit

Classrooms of 5-year-olds still wearing nappies – Talking like […]