Covid Medical Network

Many Australian doctors and other health professionals consider the lockdown measures to be disproportionate, not scientifically based, and the cause of widespread suffering for many Victorians.
The Covid Medical Network, in solidarity with thousands of international doctors, calls for the cessation of all disproportionate measures that contravene the International Siracusa Principles.

People for Safe Vaccines

We are a growing number of people and associations from the health and law enforcement sectors and the wider community, namely doctors, nurses, lawyers, police, vaccine-injured and ordinary people with a sincere interest in these issues.

Our legal team has issued a request for Statement of Reasons to the Department of Health in relation to the government’s decision to fast-track development of the COVID-19 vaccines.

We support the right of individuals to give informed consent to any vaccine and are doing our best to ensure that safety and efficacy is properly addressed.

Human Rights Advocates

We wish we could say we are living in a country where anyone with a disability or protected attribute was not discriminated against ever…but unfortunately it’s just not the case. Instead of getting better as time goes on, it seems to be getting worse.
As you know, the “pandemic” has highlighted the importance of the preservation of our human rights more than ever before in Australia’s history.
We are very aware that many people are impacted daily through coercive tactics and are forced to acquiesce to false directives or policies that go against the government guidelines, or one’s own rights.

Advocate Me

Advocate Me started out as a legal practice, but now operates as an advocacy service, which finds solutions where the legal system fails. It is about connecting people in the best way, to achieve the greatest outcomes, all while creating unity and upholding human rights, liberty and justice.

The legal profession itself has been sullied by materialism, which fosters conflicts of interest that pervert and corrupt its very purpose, making it more about winning than about what is right. So, it is no longer a solution to achieving real justice on its own. 

Advocate Me will never stop fighting for Liberty, Justice and Democracy to protect the innocent, and be a voice of reason when the system is unjust.

Ashley, Francina, Leonard & Associates.

“Choice and consent are integral parts of medical care, there are legal, professional and ethical obligations but how can this be addressed with coercion and lack of real information.”

Concerned Lawyers Network

We are an Australian Network of Lawyers who are concerned about how laws are improperly used against Australians. This site was created to share with the public the letter sent to the State and Federal Governments of Australia and accompanying exhibits / references

We are lawyers interested in human rights. We are not a law firm. We are a network of volunteer lawyers and admin assistants 100% volunteering our time without any funding or payment.

Our main role is providing education resources for lawyers and public.

Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the the Philippines

We are a volunteer group of concerned doctors and citizens of the Philippines and we want to help our government safely lift the lockdown so that more lives are saved and more livelihoods are restored. Our taxpayers money are dried up already, we cannot afford extending this lockdown anymore and spend on non-scientific protocols yielding very low to no result.