26 11, 2021

Scientists Sue the FDA for Data it Relied Upon to License Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine

November 26, 2021|Censorship, Corruption, Politics, World|

The FDA repeatedly promised “full transparency” with regard to Covid-19 vaccines, including reaffirming “the FDA’s commitment to transparency” when licensing Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Transparency regarding this product means, if nothing else, sharing the data the FDA relied upon to license this vaccine.  The definition of “transparency” literally includes “accessibility of […]

22 11, 2021

Vic pandemic laws debate poised to resume

November 22, 2021|Australia, Corruption, Politics|

Debate on Victoria’s controversial pandemic laws is poised to resume on Friday, as the government scrambles to secure one more vote to avoid seeing it defeated.

The Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill faces defeat in the upper house after former Labor MP Adem Somyurek declared he […]

16 11, 2021

One of Fauci’s Top Doctors Opposes Vaccine Mandates, Will Debate Ethics at the NIH

November 16, 2021|Doctors, Education, Politics, World|

It turns out that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was not as unified on the notion of pushing vaccine mandates as it initially seemed.

Come December 1, the NIH’s main bioethics department will host a live-streamed roundtable session over the ethics and practicality of vaccine mandates. Leading the charge will be Dr. Matthew Memoli, who […]

16 11, 2021

Florida School District Finally Drops Mask Mandate After 8-Year-Old Gets Suspended 38 Times For Refusing To Comply

November 16, 2021|Children, Human Rights, Masking, Politics, World|

A Florida school district has finally dropped its student mask mandate, following the very public journey of an 8-year-old girl who was suspended a stunning 38 times for refusing to comply with the order.

Notably, the mandate defied Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive order giving Florida parents ultimate control […]