24 11, 2021

Yeppoon – Yes to vax, no to ‘passport’

November 24, 2021|Australia, Human Rights, Law|

This week some businesses in Yeppoon organised a meeting to express concerns about the Queensland Government’s introduction of a mandatory vaccine passport. With just four days of planning, around 600 passionate and concerned people crammed into the Yeppoon town hall. I have never seen a political reaction like it.

16 11, 2021

Excessive COVID policing ‘burdening’ courts

November 16, 2021|Australia, Law, Police|

The “excessive” fines and charges issued by NSW Police in its attempts to enforce a number of COVID-19 restrictions have had an “unsustainable impact on courts” and has ultimately slowed the state’s recovery, the Aboriginal Legal Service said.

New data from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research […]

16 11, 2021

Legal Aid to Stop Assigning Work to Unvaccinated Lawyers

November 16, 2021|Australia, Law|

The Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales is a publicly funded government organisation which provides legal services to socially and economically disadvantaged people across the state in areas including criminal law, family law and some areas of civil law.

It currently employs over 1,300 people, has 25 offices, 2 satellite offices and operates in 243 […]

31 10, 2021

No justification for Covid passports, say Committee

October 31, 2021|Law, Politics, World|

Government has so far failed to make the scientific case

Covid-status certification would certify as Covid-safe people who have had the vaccine or a negative test. The Government began a review on the idea in March to decide if they were an appropriate tool to help reopen the economy. A decision must be made by Monday […]

29 10, 2021

Fair Work Commission deputy president barred from hearing vaccine matters until training is completed

October 29, 2021|Australia, Censorship, Law, Politics|

A Fair Work Commission (FWC) deputy president who railed against vaccine mandates will be barred from hearing workplace vaccination matters and will be excluded from full bench work until she completes training.

Deputy president Lyndall Dean last month likened vaccination mandates to “medical apartheid and segregation” and […]