25 06, 2022

Covid tests sold at Woolies, Coles, hit with $106k fine for not abiding by TGA guidelines

June 25, 2022|Australia, Health, Inquiry, Psychology|

A Covid-19 rapid antigen test supplier has been fined $106,560 over “serial” failures to comply with the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s guidelines. 

Hough Pharma Pty Ltd has been hit with eight infringement notices for allegedly “failing to provide information” to the TGA to demonstrate the safety and performance of three RATs. 

18 06, 2022

Inside Daniel Andrews’ new ‘Big Brother’ style data agency he tried to keep secret as it watches EVERY move of Victorians from how they spend their money to personal health records

June 18, 2022|Australia, CBDC, Digital ID, Finance, Misinformed Media, Politics, Surveillance|

  • Victorian Premier Dan Andrews set up high-tech data agency during Covid-19
  • Insights Victoria uses both publicly available data and ‘sensitive’ information
  • Opposition Treasury spokesman David Davis said it was ‘intrusive’
  • Insights Victoria looked at how residents spent their money and social media

Victorians are being monitored by a new secretive government agency […]

18 06, 2022

Clearview AI breached Australians’ privacy

June 18, 2022|Australia, Digital ID, Surveillance|

Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk has found that Clearview AI, Inc. breached Australians’ privacy by scraping their biometric information from the web and disclosing it through a facial recognition tool.

The determination follows a joint investigation by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and the UK’s […]

17 06, 2022

Do lockdowns and border closures serve the “greater good”? A cost-benefit analysis

June 17, 2022|Australia, Politics, Research|

Rational public policymaking considers both sides of any proposed policy: benefits and costs. When the costs of lockdown policy have been raised during the COVID era, people have sometimes assumed that those costs are about: “just the economy”, implying that “the economy” is something separable from human health. Yet there are real health […]

17 06, 2022

Lockdowns increase COVID deaths

June 17, 2022|Australia, Politics, Research|

Lockdowns have caused at least 36 times more harms in Australia than any benefits.

“untargeted lockdowns allowed the virus to wreak havoc since the government took its eye off the ball. Eighty per cent of the government’s effort went in “controlling” the broader society instead of focusing on aged […]