28 01, 2023

10 Substacks Corporate Media Doesn’t Want You to Read

January 28, 2023|Health, History, Human Rights, Inquiry, International, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Protest, Research, Resistance, Solutions, Stories, Treatment|

Looking to stay informed without getting duped by disinformation and propaganda?

Here are the top 10 Substacks we recommend right now:

1. The Vigilant Fox — Believing that “tyranny is not possible without compliance,” Fox has become known worldwide for his video clips of doctors and […]

24 01, 2023

Ivermectin efficacy finally proven in ‘gold-standard’ RCT – Prof Colleen Aldous

January 24, 2023|Censorship, Corruption, Health, Inquiry, International, Ivermectin, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology, Research, Solutions, Treatment|


Ivermectin and its use as a treatment for COVID-19 was catapulted to centre stage when the pandemic erased all rhyme and reason in 2020. However, even as the totality of evidence demonstrated Ivermectin’s efficacy, mainstream media and governments across the world dismissed its use based […]

24 01, 2023

The Magic of Ivermectin in Oncology

January 24, 2023|Censorship, Health, History, Inquiry, International, Ivermectin, Misinformed Media, Research, Solutions, Treatment|

Ivermectin is an FDA-approved drug used to treat health challenges related to parasitic worms such as intestinal strongyloidiasis (a chronic infection), onchocerciasis (also called river blindness), and other parasitic infections. It is also approved as a topical treatment for head lice and skin related conditions such as rosacea. It has also been shown […]

24 01, 2023

Ivermectin Works Against Covid-19: It’s Time That Governments Update Their Covid Strategies

January 24, 2023|Health, History, Inquiry, International, Ivermectin, Resistance, Solutions, Treatment|

Governments around the world continue to demonize the cheap, safe, effective, and Nobel prize-winning drug, ivermectin. Last year, the Malaysian Ministry of Health commissioned a task force of experts (DETF-Ivermectin) to investigate ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19. In December 2022, DETF-Ivermectin submitted its report, suggesting that, “Ivermectin should […]

14 01, 2023

The No. 1 Cause of Death for Under 65s in 2021 — Sudden Death

January 14, 2023|Abuse, Censorship, Corruption, Fatality, Inquiry, International, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology, Research, Treatment, Vax Damage, Youth|

A survey by Steve Kirsch found sudden death is the No. 1 cause of death among those under the age of 65 who got the COVID-19 vaccine, as myocarditis as a cause of death is now registering across all age ranges but only for the vaccinated.

Story at a glance:

11 01, 2023

‘Hard Evidence’ Biden Admin Colluded with Big Tech to Censor COVID Vaccine ‘Misinformation’

January 11, 2023|Censorship, Corruption, History, Human Rights, International, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology, Surveillance, Technology, Treatment, W.E.F., W.H.O.|

Our government went to shocking lengths to silence dissent and manipulate the narrative on COVID-19 vaccines.

You may want to sit down for this. Even if you’re red-pilled like me (i.e., you already […]

8 01, 2023

How To Find Blood From Unvaccinated Donors And Which Countries Are Leading The Charge

January 8, 2023|Doctors, Health, Inquiry, International, Privacy, Resistance, Solutions, Treatment|

There has been increased interest from individuals who want to find a way to secure blood from unvaccinated blood donors. Although there is currently no organized manner for people to have a say in this, some companies may step up to offer solutions in this area in the near future. At the moment, most […]