29 05, 2023

A new study finds a sudden and sustained increase in excess deaths and stillbirths in Germany from April 2021

May 29, 2023|Fatality, Fertility, History, Human Rights, illness, Inquiry, International, Pharma, Politics, Research, Surveillance, Technology, UN, Vax Damage, W.H.O., Youth|

A new study used state-of-the-art actuarial science to examine excess deaths in Germany.  The study set out to estimate covid deaths.  There were no excess deaths in 2020 but “something must have happened in spring 2021 that led to a sudden and sustained increase in mortality,” the study said.  A similar mortality pattern […]

27 05, 2023

How Google manipulates search to favor liberals and tip elections

May 27, 2023|Abuse, AI, Censorship, Consent, Corruption, Digital ID, Finance, Gender, GreenWash, Human Rights, Inquiry, International, Misinformed Media, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology, Resistance, Surveillance, Technology, Youth|

Google loog
Dr. Robert Epstein is tracking Google’s bias in its search results.

While the focus has been on Twitter and Facebook’s censorship and liberal bias, the worst Big Tech culprit of all has been getting a free pass — and now […]

27 05, 2023

Victoria’s Aboriginal treaty body urges Facebook parent company Meta to clamp down on racist abuse

May 27, 2023|Australia, Censorship, Finance, History, Human Rights, International, Misinformed Media, Politics, Psychology, Social Credit, Surveillance, Technology|

A possum-skin quilt built from squares etched with messages about the promise of the treaty process.
The First Peoples’ Assembly has written to Facebook urging it to improve its moderation of racist abuse online.(ABC News: Joseph Dunstan)

Victoria’s Aboriginal treaty body has called on Facebook parent […]

27 05, 2023

Oz Media Complicity in Policing the Opinion Corridor

May 27, 2023|Abuse, Australia, Censorship, Consent, Corruption, Digital ID, Human Rights, International, Misinformed Media, Politics, Privacy, Psychology, Research, Resistance, Social Credit, Surveillance, Technology|

media policing

Like the Overton window of political possibilities, what the Swedes call the “opinion corridor” channels the range of acceptable speech. Among the many startling aspects of the topsy-turvy world that we have lived through since early 2020 is the extent to which […]