15 06, 2022

Encrypted messaging apps should be regulated to tackle extremism, Victorian inquiry hears

June 15, 2022|Australia, Censorship, Misinformed Media, Resistance, Surveillance|

The federal government needs to take action against encrypted messaging apps like Telegram to curb the rise of far-right extremism, a Victorian inquiry has been told.

Dr Belinda Barnet, a media lecturer at Swinburne University, told a hearing that far-right extremists had initially been sharing hateful content on mainstream sites […]

31 05, 2022

WHO Forced into Backdown

May 31, 2022|Politics, Protest, Psychology, Resistance, W.H.O.|

Brilliant news out of Geneva today!

As most of you know, the World Health Assembly has spent the past 7 days considering Biden’s 13 controversial amendments to the International Health Regulations.

Official delegates from wealthy developed nations like Australia, the UK, and the US spoke in strong support […]

26 05, 2022

Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury 17/05/22

May 26, 2022|Law, Resistance, Vax Damage, World|

Signatories from Canadian, UK, USA, Australia, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and International aviation, medical, scientific and ethics bodies.

Safety within professional aviation has vastly improved over the past several decades. This is due in large part to a “Just Safety” culture founded upon open communication and self-disclosure of errors or negative […]

27 04, 2022

“Lest we forget” – Damn, We Forgot

April 27, 2022|Australia, Defence, Resistance, Slavery|

“The truth is that we didn’t value their sacrifice; over the last two years, we handed over that which they fought for with barely a murmur.”

It’s a familiar story. “Rich kid squanders the accumulated wealth of previous generations because they failed to understand what it cost to acquire it […]