From the dawn of time, stable societies trade to enrich each other lives and build better relations.  Tyrants know to destabilise a free society, business (especially small, hard to corrupt businesses) needs to be eradicated first, in favour of state/centrally controlled national corporations.  These dispassionate behemoth enterprises, then become tools of the tyranny, along with central bank driven economics and finance policies.

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G Edward Griffin: The Creature from Jekyll Island


Lecture by Edward Griffin on the history of money, economics and centralised banking.  An old video, however, relevant today because of the seven elements discussed are a pointer to why central banking and their economic policies impact us all.

Achieve Financial Freedom & Money Management

Wheelbarrow Profits: Today, Jake and Gino talk about how to achieve financial freedom and money management with G. Edward Griffin on this personal finance podcast interview.

Latest Economic News

February 2023

Youtube Sent Employees ‘Urgent Guidance’ Ordering Censorship Of Project Veritas Video

February 2, 2023|Categories: Censorship, Corruption, Fatality, Finance, illness, International, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology, Resistance, Slavery, Surveillance, Technology, Vax Damage|

Project Veritas claimed a Youtube insider leaked them a document that revealed the company ordered employees to give strikes to their video since it "spreads harmful information about approved vaccines against COVID-19." The group that released a bombshell video about Pfizer reported Tuesday that Youtube sent an “Urgent Guidance” to employees detailing how and when [...]

Pfizer shares plummet along with demand for Covid drugs

February 2, 2023|Categories: Fatality, Finance, illness, International, Pharma, UN, W.E.F., W.H.O.|

The company’s stock has suffered its biggest monthly decline since 2020 as demand wanes for coronavirus products US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer released a disappointing earnings report on Tuesday, with a weaker-than-estimated sales outlook for its Covid-19 drugs. The drugmaker’s stock plunged 14% this month, erasing $40 billion in market value. Pfizer told investors to expect [...]

Oz MSM spreads misinformation regarding excess deaths

February 2, 2023|Categories: Australia, Censorship, Corruption, Fatality, Misinformed Media, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology, Vax Damage|

The mainstream media are peddling misinformation around excess deaths blaming it on Covid. They can easily confuse the issue for 2022 as Covid was in the community that year. (Despite almost everybody being vaccinated.) That however wasn’t the case in 2021 when the smaller states had virtually no cases of Covid. Yet despite this, deaths [...]

Acute Psychosis after COVID-19 Vaccination

February 2, 2023|Categories: International, Pharma, Psychology, Research, Vax Damage|

Alarming Manuscripts Report Acute Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ Unvaccinated patients have mentioned half-jokingly that COVID-19 vaccination in friends and family makes some of them “crazy.” While I have always brushed this off as fear driven vaccine ideology taking over common sense in some zealots, the building literature on neuropsychiatric symptoms is alarming. [...]

Cancer surgery delays as hospital theatres sit empty

February 2, 2023|Categories: Australia, Corruption, Doctors, Fatality, Finance, History, Human Rights, illness, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Politics, Psychology, Vax Damage|

Victoria’s leading cancer hospital has postponed surgery for a significant number of its patients in February due to a shortage of staff. Dozens of potentially life-saving procedures at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, including surgery for skin, bowel, prostate, head and neck cancer, as well as reconstructive surgery, are set to be delayed. [...]

Understanding the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex

February 2, 2023|Categories: Censorship, Corruption, Finance, History, Human Rights, International, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology, UN, W.E.F., W.H.O.|

Directed evolution of the Military-Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned about in 1961. By JOHN LEAKE In recent days, many of our Substack readers have contacted us to recommend that we read the Substack pages of the great Katharine Watt and Sasha Latypova. Not only do we read their columns, we have corresponded with them [...]