Welcome to World Freedom Alliance

Welcome to World Freedom Alliance

The aim of World Freedom Alliance is to facilitate an open platform to promote Freedom in all its forms Worldwide and to unite people around the world, and to provide information and share best practice between countries. We aim to ensure our cherished fundamental Freedoms, as outlined in the WFA Charter, are restored and maintained. Together, we can unite in strength, to promote Freedom, inspire Courage and give Hope in these times, please join us!

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Action Plan 2022/2023
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Action Plan 2022/2023

WFA Action Plan

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Our Vision

The World Freedom Alliance (WFA) provides a worldwide platform linking with various associations and organisations offering access to justice, true dialogue for health science and politics, while holding worldwide officials to account under the law.

We offer transparent, evidence-based solutions and encourage robust debate with media, scientists and governments to ensure the fundamental freedoms of the people of the world are restored and maintained.

WFA Values

  • Honesty – We are honest in all of our exchanges

  • Integrity – We act with integrity to achieve all of our aims and serve our membership.

  • Accountability – We are accountable for everything we do.

  • Humanity – We serve humanity in all respects.

  • Diversity – We recognise and act based on diversity.

  • Equality – We embody equality.

  • Service – We serve all who require our support and guidance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to PROTECT our cherished freedoms, PROMOTE collaborations and links between groups of doctors, scientists, lawyers, professionals and freedom campaigners worldwide.

We provide a transparent analysis of the data for business and innovative solutions to build a wonderful world for us, our children and future generations.

World Charter of Freedom

  • Freedom of speech

  • Freedom of assembly

  • Freedom of thought

  • Freedom of bodily integrity

  • Freedom to practice your Faith

  • Freedom from coercive and exploitative credit systems


Maneka Helleberg Interviews Michael Sabbe

Michael Sabbe gives us an introduction to United People Foundation, one of the partners of WFA and an important part of rolling out the WFA Action Plan. Michael Sabbe has worked [...]

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Maneka Helleberg
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  • Liaise with others in specific areas of interest with the focus groups or work the strategic changes in the pillar groups of law, economy and culture.
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Contact Coordinators

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Use the coordinator contact form to contact the coordinator in your country by email:

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