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We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, are peacefully and actively initiating Lawful Remedy for any harm to any man, woman, or child as a result of the Constitutional crisis currently afflicting our once-healthy, once-wealthy, once-proud nation.

We are working to convene Common Law Assemblies around the nation, and then to convene Congresses to decide on the political future of our nation, to elect true representatives of the People, to end the foreign occupation, and to assert the sovereign will of the people over our Parliament as servants of the people.

We are united in our desire to fundamentally change our nation to create a better future for all.

Common Law Australia

As awareness grows of what is happening in Australia and around the world, the need to gather to create change for humanity’s common good–now and for the generations to follow–is not only necessary but urgent!

The vision is to create communities for the people by the people. To bring awareness, connection & direction to step into our natural human rights. To stand against any authority that rules unjustly against our will. No earthly force can take your sovereign rights away!

Connect & embrace awareness with like-minded people through regular gatherings, workshops and seminars. It’s time to stand up & unite

What is Common Law?

Common Law is the Law of the Land. It has been the basis of all law since the dawn of time. It is the law decided on by the people, a community, or a nation that they decide on as a whole.

Common Law is also known as God’s Law, Natural Law, and the People’s Law.

How does Common Law work?

Common Law only works when we stand in honour and act accordingly.
Common Law is very simple. It has only two basic principles:

  1. Do no harm to others
  2. Take responsibility for your actions

Why are there so many laws today?

Most countries have two systems of law:

  1. Common Law
  2. Admiralty Law

Political parties around the world have seized our governments using Admiralty Law, and over time implemented a series of carefully orchestrated acts to deprive us of our rights and freedoms.

They have done this without informing We, the People what they were doing. Instead, they changed or created new laws in Parliaments we elected them to, and then pretended they were lawfully enacted. But any law enacted in a lie is null and void. True laws are always enacted in truth and honour. Therefore, everything the political parties have done is unlawful and does not conform to our Common Law.

What are some of the crimes the political parties have committed against us under their Admiralty Law?

Among the many actions they have taken that have destroyed our once productive and wealthy nation are:

  • They have implemented punitive fines against us without our permission.
  • They have sold off our Publicly owned utilities and services
  • Unlawfully taxed us without a referendum, as required by our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.
  • Raised taxation to such a level that our once thriving manufacturing industries were forced to relocate overseas, which has weakened our nation so that we are unable to produce goods for our own needs, and protect our nation from invasion.
  • They have set aside our Constitution and deprived us of the lawful protection of the Crown and our Common Law.
  • They have created a false Queen, THE QUEEN OF AUSTRALIA, and registered this entity in their corporate entity in the USA.
  • They have forced us to vote into power over us political party representatives who are employees of a private corporation registered in the USA and known as THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT.
  • They are forcing medical procedures on us, a clear violation of the 1946 Constitutional amendment (51 [xxiiiA] that We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia voted on to allow the government to provide medical services, but with the proviso that they cannot force any procedure on us. They have attempted to socially distance us, force us to wear masks, and force us to be ‘vaccinated’ with an unknown and untested ‘vaccine’ (in reality an experimental DNA altering cocktail)
  • They have destroyed our right to Freedom of Movement by locking us down, and trying to introduce a ‘Vaccine Passport’, forcing us to accept their ‘vaccination’ before we can fly anywhere.

These are just some of the many TREASONOUS ACTS the political parties have enacted against us.

The only reason they have got away with bringing in so many laws and destroying our rights and freedoms that actually harm We, the People, is because we were not informed and therefore we were blind to their criminal actions.

What is the difference between Common Law and Admiralty Law?

What is Admiralty Law and how does it work?

Political party governments have implemented Admiralty Law, which is a actually a form of Roman or Civil Law, also called Commerce Law, Contract Law, and many other names.

  • Under Admiralty Law, we are judged Guilty until proven innocent.
  • Under Common Law we are presumed to be innocent unless proven guilty.

How do we stop enacting and implementing Admiralty Law and stand in Common Law instead?

Common Law embodies the Will of the People. Admiralty law does not.

Therefore, if we are to stand in Common Law the people must unite in their intentions to do so, and refuse to bow down to the unlawful Admiralty Laws.

We can do this by:

Lawful Rebellion is the people’s right to stand together and fight Tyranny, Oppression, Treason and Treachery perpetrated upon them by the People appointed to govern them. This right is granted to us in Article 61 of the Magna Carta.

We can lawfully rebel by refusing to:

  • pay fines
  • pay rates (but be careful, they will take your home or property if you don’t do it right)
  • obey commands by their enforcer ‘police’ — RBT stops are unlawful (see
  • vote for any member of a political party – if you do not wish to vote at all you can either stay away, or to avoid getting fined turn up at the voting booth, sign in, and then walk out without voting
  • use public parks and amenities without asking anyone’s permission
  • travel wherever you wish, whenever you wish, and refuse to submit to demands that you obey unlawful edits, or sign in anywhere

There are many other ways you can lawfully rebel. Use your imagination and think about what inalienable rights you are born with.

Take Action and Join Others

If you wish to learn more and get actively involved in protecting your rights and those of future generations, please join or start a Common Law Assembly.

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