5 11, 2022

Magna Carta Used in Unfair Dismissal Suit Against the State of New South Wales, Australia

November 5, 2022|Australia, Common Law, History, Human Rights, Law, Misinformed Media, Politics|

Scott White is using the Magna Carta in his unfair dismissal legal battle.

Next week, White has a directions hearing at the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission (“IRC”).  A directions hearing is a hearing at which the court, or in this case the employment tribunal, considers what has […]

3 02, 2022

Letter from Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs

February 3, 2022|Australia, Common Law, Law|

I am a former member of the High Court and I wish to take this unusual method of informing you about a matter that is going to deeply affect us all. Unfortunately, a document such as this is too easily “lost” in the bureaucratic jungle in which we operate.

1 01, 2022

Your Rights and the Police

January 1, 2022|Common Law|

Whenever you are stopped by the police, ask them two questions:

  1. Are you employed to uphold the law? Of course, they will answer that they are. That is when you show them the document below and explain that they are breaking a law passed by the High Court, and then […]
1 01, 2022

Flags of Australia

January 1, 2022|Common Law|

Officially, the current Australian flag is the blue ensign which was adopted with the Flags act 1953 and is representative of maritime/ corporate law. This followed the 1948 Citizenship Act. An ensign is the national flag flown on a vessel to indicate nationality . There […]