25 02, 2023

Bulletin for Medical Professionals Administering Covid-19 Vaccines.

February 25, 2023|Abuse, Australia, Censorship, Common Law, Doctors, Fatality, Fertility, illness, Inquiry, Law, Pharma, Politics, Pregnancy, Research, Vax Damage|

What Information and Advice is Expected from Medical Professionals Administering Covid-19 Vaccines?

This is a question now being asked in cases coming before the Courts.  Medical professionals need to know how much they can rely on statements supplied by the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care, ATAGI […]

5 11, 2022

Magna Carta Used in Unfair Dismissal Suit Against the State of New South Wales, Australia

November 5, 2022|Australia, Common Law, History, Human Rights, Law, Misinformed Media, Politics|

Scott White is using the Magna Carta in his unfair dismissal legal battle.

Next week, White has a directions hearing at the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission (“IRC”).  A directions hearing is a hearing at which the court, or in this case the employment tribunal, considers what has […]

3 02, 2022

Letter from Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs

February 3, 2022|Australia, Common Law, Law|

I am a former member of the High Court and I wish to take this unusual method of informing you about a matter that is going to deeply affect us all. Unfortunately, a document such as this is too easily “lost” in the bureaucratic jungle in which we operate.

1 01, 2022

Your Rights and the Police

January 1, 2022|Common Law|

Whenever you are stopped by the police, ask them two questions:

  1. Are you employed to uphold the law? Of course, they will answer that they are. That is when you show them the document below and explain that they are breaking a law passed by the High Court, and then […]
1 01, 2022

Flags of Australia

January 1, 2022|Common Law|

Officially, the current Australian flag is the blue ensign which was adopted with the Flags act 1953 and is representative of maritime/ corporate law. This followed the 1948 Citizenship Act. An ensign is the national flag flown on a vessel to indicate nationality . There […]