24 09, 2022

Study to address low Covid vaccinations among Aboriginal women

September 24, 2022|Australia, Corruption, Fertility, Human Rights, Misinformed Media, Natural Immunity, Pharma, Politics, Pregnancy, Propaganda, Psychology, Resistance, Surveillance|

Pregnant, expectant and breastfeeding First Nations mums will be the focus of new research that seeks to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates among Aboriginal women across Western Australia.

The project, led by Dr Anne-Marie Eades from the Curtin School of Allied Health, was […]

21 09, 2022

Parents face prosecution if they don’t accept gender transition of their kids – experts slam new law based on ‘ideology and falsehood’

September 21, 2022|Abuse, Australia, Children, Corruption, Education, Fertility, Gender, Inquiry, Misinformed Media, Politics, Pregnancy, Propaganda, Psychology, Surveillance, Youth|

A new Victorian law which forces mothers and fathers to accept their children’s desire to change gender has left distraught parents fearing prosecution if they do anything to try to prevent potentially harmful and irreversible treatment.

 So far-reaching is the new […]

19 09, 2022

Destroying Women, Poisoning Breast Milk, Murdering Babies; and Hiding the Truth

September 19, 2022|Children, Fertility, Inquiry, International, Pharma, Pregnancy, Research|

Conflicted Wire Services; Press Release Distributor, Spotify, BBC, Censored, Attacked Us –for our Pfizer Reports’ Info re mRNA Vaccine Destruction of Pregnant Women, Fetuses, Babies

Our 3,250 research volunteers, in 39 fully cited reports to date, have documented evidence of what I’ve been calling “360 degrees of harm” to […]

1 09, 2022

UK Govt Says Those Breastfeeding Should NOT Be Vaccinated – due to Toxicity Conclusions

September 1, 2022|Children, Fertility, International, Misinformed Media, Pharma, Politics, Pregnancy|

Further studies are being conducted to ascertain more details about the impact of the vaccines.

The British government has recommended against pregnant and breastfeeding women receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, admitting that “sufficient reassurance of safe use of the vaccine” for the […]