British Members of Parliament (“MPs”) say a new pandemic treaty will give the United Nations’ World Health Organisation (“WHO”) the power to impose lockdowns on signatories, despite corporate media claims to the contrary.

letter from six Conservative MPs to Andrew Mitchell, a Foreign Office minister, calls for a Commons vote on the draft treaty and regulations before they are signed.

It discusses WHO’s “ambition” in transitioning “from an advisory organisation to a controlling international authority” like the European Union. Esther McVey MP told The Telegraph the plans “represent a significant shift for the organisation, from a member-led advisory body to a health authority with powers of compulsion.”

“This is particularly worrying when you consider WHO’s poor track record on providing consistent, clear and scientifically sound advice for managing international disease outbreaks,” she added.

The letter has also been signed by the Tory MPs Sir John Redwood, David Davis, Philip Davies, Sir Christopher Chope and Danny Kruger.

For the sake of public interest, below we have attached a copy of The Telegraph’s article where the story was first reported.

Yesterday, Sir Christopher and Liberal Democrat Councillor Dr. Bharat Pankhania debated the new treaty on GB News.  “There should be more public and parliamentary scrutiny of what is happening,” Sir Christopher said.

GB News: Lockdowns to be imposed on the UK by WHO under a new treaty, 26 May 2023

Pankhania is also a senior clinical lecturer at the Medical School of the University of Exeter.  He describes his YouTube channel, as “coronavirus, honestly & authoritatively explained in a [sic] easy to understand manner.”  And goes on to describe himself as “advising [and] leading on the coronavirus pandemic response by Local Authorities.”

From the start of the covid era, Pankhania started to become a regular feature in corporate and social media as a commentator on covid. In a May 2020 Zoom teleconference event, Pankhania talked to Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath, about his professional and political history and how his advice is shaping the response to covid locally and nationally. 

When asked what the key messages are, Pankhania replied: “Follow the science.” And that’s not the only narrative phrase or ideology he pushed.

He promoted “living sustainably” by reducing meat, including fish and shellfish, consumption and becoming vegetarian. “As you get richer you eat more [meat] and unfortunately planet Earth cannot sustain it,” he told Hobhouse. “And we are causing a problem. Just think about it, no antibiotics to treat your sore throat. Just think about it. It means you may die.  So, it’s as serious as that.”

Wera Hobhouse: Wera Meets … Dr Bharat Pankhania, 14 May 2020

Pankhania’s contributions to publications as listed on his University of Exeter profile also tell a story. Six in total, one in 2021 and five in 2020. The first was published in the British Medical Journal in March 2020 titled ‘Covid-19: why is the UK government ignoring WHO’s advice?’. And there’s no improvement in his “advice” as time went on. 

In May 2020 he contributed to an article in The Lancet titled ‘Universal weekly testing as the UK COVID-19 lockdown exit strategy’ which was mentioned by 17 news outlets

His final contribution was a March 2021 article published in Elsevier titled ‘Where England’s pandemic response to COVID-19 went wrong’.  It accuses the UK government of a list of failures such as being focused on the threat of pandemic flu and a failure to learn from other countries, namely South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.  The article concluded: “This pandemic has not yet run its course. To err once is human. To err twice would be negligent.”

Simply based on the above and without researching any further, we have to ask: Is Pankhania a corporate doctor and politician?

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