Scott White is using the Magna Carta in his unfair dismissal legal battle.

Next week, White has a directions hearing at the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission (“IRC”).  A directions hearing is a hearing at which the court, or in this case the employment tribunal, considers what has happened so far in a case and issues instructions in the form of directions about what should happen before the next court/tribunal hearing. 

His IRC claim states:

I am a ‘free man’, a sovereign living soul & man; protected by Natural Law and the Common Law Constitution. As a free and sovereign living soul and man I am endowed with God-given rights that cannot be denied or removed; answering only to the supreme power and divine creator.

The Peoples Security Clause is Article 61 of the Magna Carta. Clause 61 ensures the ruling Crown upholds the Constitution. If it is breached, the aggrieved party, the people, can rise up against it via ‘Lawful Rebellion’ to restore inalienable rights and freedoms until remedy is established.

To his claim, White attached a video link of the Right Honourable Lord Igor Judge, former Chief Justice of England and Wales, explaining Clause 61 of the Magna Carta 1215.  Lord Judge is the co-author of the book ‘Magna Carta Uncovered’.

White’s full claim is an empowering read. We encourage all our readers to open the document attached to his latest letter to us (below) and take the time to read it. Scott White is a fighter with the heart of a lion.  We’re rooting for him and hope he’s able to keep us updated as to how he is getting along.

Before we get to his latest letter, a brief background to his case. In a previous letter, White described how his employment was terminated by Corrective Services New South Wales (“CSNSW”) for exercising his right to refuse vaccination.  Almost a year later, CSNSW did an about-face stating “staff members will no longer be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as a condition of employment.”

Shortly after this u-turn, White wrote to the Manager of Employee Relations for the Department of Communities and Justice (“DCJ”) New South Wales: 

I was informed that employees that were dismissed for not being injected will be offered reemployment for their positions NOT reinstatement thus attempting to create a legal loophole of responsibility for Employees dismissed unconstitutionally, unlawfully, illegally, unethically and unreasonably.

This is a blatant attempt to not compensate the 1% of CSNSW employees’ back pay that questioned the validity of the ‘vaccine mandate’ policy. It is also a disingenuous attempt by CSNSW to obviate responsibility for the harm its actions and policies have created.

We published his correspondence with the DCJ HERE.

To The Exposé,

Magna Carta 1215 and Medical Freedom

I have submitted the document below referencing the Magna Carta as part of my unfair dismissal claim against the NSW DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITIES AND JUSTICE.

I have a Directions hearing before the INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS COMMISSION OF NSW on the 9th of November.

magna-carta-1215-Gross-Non-Compliance Download

I have submitted over 60 similar documents over the past year to either CORRECTIVE SERVICES NSW or DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITIES AND JUSTICE or the INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS COMMISSION OF NSW.  I have also sent over 500 emails with many questions. Nothing I have submitted has been responded to.

What the NSW Government did do is report me to the NSW Mental Health Department. When I proved that it was the DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITIES AND JUSTICE that gave my private information to the NSW MINISTRY OF HEALTH stating that I was a danger to myself and others they refused to discuss the matter.


Scott White

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