On the 22nd February the UK Metropolitan Police dismissed the evidence that the legal team Philip Hyland and Lois Bayliss, alongside Mark Sexton, Dr Samuel White and the people of Britain, have been submitting under crime ref: 6029679/21

This was a monumental failure in the Uk justice system that will go down in history.

The evidence was clear and damning.

A line in the sand has been drawn. The Police are now guilty of obstructing justice.

When submitting the files, our worry was simple: so much watertight and sometimes complex evidence had been submitted that the police might delay the obviously needed injunction for months as they sifted through the volumes.

Since there is a rush to ‘vaccinate’ the 5-11 year olds speed is of utmost importance to halt this programme.

To give an idea of the scale of the evidence, 500 witness and expert statements were submitted.

In the time between submission and the Met Police statement, there was not enough time to review the vaccine damage statements or the complex science reports and data analysis submitted by some of the most qualified and trusted experts of Britain and abroad.

906 health professionals have signed our petition backing crime ref: 6029679/21 pause of the vaccination programme.

9,776 more people back the above health professionals and the lawyers.

10,682 people in total

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Philip Hyland has published this public letter as a response to the police dismissal of crime ref: 6029679/21


Jane Connors Assistant Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner

By email: 014/PH/2477/

25 February 2022 Dear Ms Connors

Re: Crime Reference Number:6029679/21 I am instructed by Doctor Sam White to request that you review your decision to take no further action in relation to the above crime reference number [CRN]. The letter is an open letter given the public interest in the issues raised as well as the need for transparency.

The Complainants have 80 years of unblemished regulated service in regulated professions. Since reporting the crimes and obtaining a CRN, the Complainants have had untrue statements made about them in the mainstream media.

All Complainants have reason to believe that their personal safety is under threat.

All Complainants have reason to believe that concerted attempts are being made to undermine and denigrate the messengers rather than deal with the message.

The letter covers the following:

1. An accurate chronology of events for the record as communications from the press office of the Metropolitan Police [the Met] have not aligned with the facts known to the Complainants and have not aligned with what the Complainants have been informed by Police Officers at Hammersmith Police station.

  1. Whether the evidential threshold was met for the Met to take action.
  2. A rebuttal of statements made by the Met. The statements made by the Met in our view are designed to frame the CRN and the Complainants in a particular way.
  3. Whether any Police Officers have misconducted themselves by their actions and or omissions.

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