Prior to federation on Jan. 1st 1901, Australia consisted of 6 separate British colonies, with the first colony being established at Sydney Cove in 1788.

1901 Federation Forming the Federation of the Commonwealth of Australia, along with the red ensign flag.

1908Coat of ArmsKangaroo & Emu Coat of Arms granted to Australia

1911Commonwealth Bank ActEstablishment of the Commonwealth Bank. Successfully supports Australia’s development with the leadership of the first governor, Sir Denison Miller.

1919The treaty of VersaillesFirst political treaty signed by Australia since Federation, becoming an independent founding member of the League of nations. Australia granted mandates over Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

1945Commonwealth Bank ActRestoration and strengthening of CBA, under Chifley and Curtin, supporting the post war economic boom

1947International Monetary Agreements ActAustralia becomes part of the new architecture of international finance, including the IMF and World Bank. The Bretton woods agreement ratified.

1954Flags Act 1953The blue ensign replaces the red ensign, which was created in 1901, as the official Australian flag.

1959Reserve Bank ActSetup to control note issue and regulate interest rates. This was originally intended as a role for the Commonwealth Bank.

1973UNIDROITUNIDROIT (International Institute for the Unification of Private Law), an organization for the harmonization of private international law supporting globalisation agendas

1975Lima agreementUNIDOAustralia signatory to the UN plan (UNIDO) to support less developed countries economically, resulting in Australian manufacturing moving offshore. The UN plan was part of a global push to develop an internationalised economic system. The reason given to developed countries to sacrifice their endemic manufacturing was that the economic plight of third world countries was the direct result of their unfair international practices.

1983Floating of the Australian dollarContinuing trend of deregulation and privatisation

1984Letters patentNew letters patent for the office of Governor General, signed by BOB HAWKE (Prime Minister). Original Letters Patent not revoked, so parallel office of Governor General created by Bob Hawke.

1986Australia ActThe legality of this act is debated, as the constitutional changes were never ratified by a referendum

1992Mabo decisionDeclared that the land of Australia was not terra nullius as claimed by British settlers. The disputed Murray islands deemed to be owned by the aboriginal inhabitants under their own laws and customs.

1993Native Title Act“to provide a national system for the recognition and protection of native title and for its co-existence with the national land management system”

1993Commonwealth bank privatisedTrue value not achieved with the sale. Global trend of privatising government operations.

2018Financial sector legislation amendmentAllows bank bail-ins in a crisis. That is, depositor’s money could be used to support a failing bank. This implies that the federal government’s $250,000 deposit guarantee may not be secure.

2019Currency (restrictions on the use of cash) BillMandatory reporting of transactions over $10,0002020Defence Legislation Amendment

2020Allows defence minister to call up military and allow foreign troops into Australia, which have immunity from prosecution.