Immune Priming – the first thing which we should all be doing is boosting our immune system all of the time.  Dr Healy’s protocol for this is similar to that of Peter McCullough above with some differences

  1. Vit D3 –  10,000 IU (Day 1 – 14) and 5,000 IU thereafter
  2. Vit E –     200 – 600 IU per day
  3. Vit C –      3 – 5 g per day
  4. Vit A (as Beta carotene)    5000 IU per day
  5. Zinc picolinate  –  30 – 40 mg
  6. Quercetin     –   500 – 2,000 mg
  7. Probiotic (with Bifidobacterium at 1 billion)
  8. Med Grade Multivitamin (must have at least 100 mg B 5)

He recommends Liposomal vitamins which apparently get into the lymph faster and so will help boost the immune system.


  1. You didn’t really want it – not injured but worried about long term effects
    1. Fast regularly either practicing intermittent fasting (i.e. not eating for perhaps 14 – 18 hours of each day) or fasting 3 days every month. When you fast the body goes into autophagy and automatically starts cleaning out dead and diseased cells – one of the most powerful healing practices you can do.  Incidentally I found it interesting with Covid, that I lost my appetite so that my body automatically went into fasting mode. The body does know what is needed 😊
  2. Post vax – but injured.  HH says this is generally a sign of nutrient deficiency (I’m not so sure about this as we know certain batches were super toxic and we have absolutely no idea what they have put in them)
    1. Fasting is still really important.  HH suggests a cycle of 3 days fasting, then 11 days eating, then 3 days fasting until symptoms improve.
    2. L-Arginine  – 1,000 mg 2x day
    3. Liposomal Glutathione – 250 mg 2x a dayf (or you could take N – Acetyl – Cysteine Instead at 1200 mg 2x day)
    4. Serrapeptase – 80,000 SPU 2x a day (this is an enzyme which breaks down the spike protein in the body – again it will munch through and clear out anything it identifies as diseased or damaged)
    5. Liquid Iodine =  600 mcg 2 x day