Many of us see the current situation as a spiritual war.  This takes many forms depending on our understanding, cultural experiences, religious background and personal spiritual path.

The WFA does not endorse any particular spiritual approach, path or religion.  We come from all beliefs and none.  This section of the site is for members to put their own spiritual interpretations – freedom of speech is, after all, one of our main tenets.

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Human beings on Earth are eternal consciousness having experience in third dimension reality

Spirituality is a word that is impossible to fully explain and it means different things to different people. This is a simple start to promote further discussion.

The mind is not who we are.

The physical body is not who we are.

These are simply the instruments we manifest to allow us to navigate life in this paradigm

The spiritual being transcends gender, ethnicity, sexuality and all other physical qualities.

Our spiritual selves are outside of the realms of known science – however quantum physics is now capable of explaining many spiritual concepts.

The spiritual being was there before he/she had a mind.

The mind is created by the being as he/she grows and interacts with the world. The mind can – and often does – take over and close the being off from the spiritual. It can keep us from being our true selves and reaching our potential.

When the spiritual consciousness is closed off we may not grow up internally or take full responsibility for ourselves. We can lose touch with who we really are. We have no real wisdom as all our knowledge and understanding comes from what already exists in the world, what we see, hear, read and listen to. It is the spiritual beings that are open to their eternal consciousness that bring new knowledge, realisations and concepts into the world.

What is energy and how can a thought affect our reality?

Energy is literally everything – the building blocks of all matter. How it manifests depends on the frequency of the vibration. It is constantly flowing and constantly changing form.

We are souls using a physical body to have experience here on Earth. Since everything – including our bodies, thoughts, words and feelings – is vibrating energy we must also be connected with everything.

Our thoughts, words and feelings all have vibrations that infiltrate the energetic field around us and within us. Every thought, word and feeling has an effect or consequence. They are cosmic waves filled with potential energy. They matter because we are all contributing to the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness can also affect us.

The more research our quantum physicists do in this field the more they show that there is a power greater than the individual – a universal power of pure energy and consciousness.

The state of our world is a result of our collective human consciousness – the average vibration that humanity is putting out. We live in a paradigm of duality so it is no surprise that we have conflict, hate, fear, violence, anger and frustration on one side and on the other we have growth, love, kindness, forgiveness, joy and acceptance.

Like attracts like – If you send out positive vibrations you will attract positivity back to you. Conversely if your thoughts are constantly negative you attract situations that support those thoughts. We manifest our reality.

Your thoughts become words

Your words become actions

Your actions become habits

Your habits become character

Your character becomes your reality – your perception of the world you live in.

Because we have been kept mostly ignorant of our powers of manifestation our thoughts and perceptions have been manipulated to manifest a world that most of us would not actually want to live in. We have been tricked and controlled for millennia by various tactics including organised religion, money, fear, propaganda, psychological programming, distorted education systems, distraction and media.

But now humanity is waking up and beginning to take back our power and sovereignty. We are so much more than we have been lead to believe.

To learn more about how our thoughts affect our reality:  REF: The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton