Welcome – EMOTIONAL HEALTH and PSYCHOLOGY WELLBEING is critical for a healthy outlook on life. We have been deliberately psychologically attacked using fear-fuelled operations to manipulate compliance, with no regard for the impact upon us. We are a group of dedicated practitioners & healers, from various modalities, working together to account for some of this damage, reverse the negative impact & strengthen autonomy to co-create a world that holds humanity at its heart.

We are dedicated to

  • Self -care
  • Staying connected
  • Sharing appropriate knowledge
  • Stepping into our power
  • Celebrating our own uniqueness & the uniqueness of others
  • Creating a world with love and compassion at its heart.


Join these sessions to feel connected to a supportive community.


Now is the time for people to stand in their power, unite & inspire. We have more rights and power than we will ever know, by working together we have the potential to make a huge difference.



In order to navigate these challenging times, these EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS offer insight, methods, and tools to help you feel empowered.
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If you are seeking emotional or psychological help the practitioners in this listing are here to offer their expertise.

UK Medical Freedom Alliance


Links below provide legal letters for parents and school staff to counter misinformation on masks, isolation, vaccination and testing.

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance has given us permission to link to their content.

Abuse of Power in Schools and Universities

Links below provide legal letters for parents and school staff to counter misinformation on masks, isolation, vaccination and testing.


Norfolk Teenage Covid Truther

Gabriel, 19-year-old and from Norfolk, also known as ‘The Covid denier of Norfolk’, an ex-art and psychology student, provides a glimpse of a journey to awareness.

  •    Interviewed on the BBC East channel
  •    From follow conventional thinking influenced by the television media
  •    To awareness of the covid-19 false narrative
  •    By analysing the facts, distilling away the fear propaganda e.g., daily death-toll, PCR tests etc., Gabriel gained insights into the political mind games being played
  •    Dealing with a relationship break-up and a peer-group bent on blind compliance, Gabriel sees the urgency in protecting our freedoms

Crest Consulting

I am Caroline Brown. I am a qualified, experienced counsellor living and working in Skellingthorpe. I believe that good mental health starts with our relationship with our real self and our core values.

  •   Mental Health
  •   Counsellor
  •   Psychotherapy
  •   Anxiety Disorder
  •   Emotional Eating
  •   Mindfulness
  •   Anorexia + Bulimia
  •   PTSD
  •   Low self-esteem
  •   Suicide Prevention
  •   Dissociated ID
  •   Self-harm