Through out history education has played an important role in shaping our future.  An educated population advances significantly when educated individuals contributing value adding skills and services to their families and society at large, which creates a sustainable and vibrant community.

Freedom Education UK

We are working closely with Freedom Education UK to link parents and teachers in providing support groups for both.

Freedom Education UK Community Hubs

Below is a Telegram list of local Freedom Education UK Community hubs, which you can join, engage with and support.

If you would like to start a local hub, please message Samantha Goody.

Safer To Wait

Protecting Children’s Health:  You may be aware that the Government is planning to roll out the COVID-19 vaccines to our children soon.  This is already happening with over-16s in Manchester, despite safety and efficacy trials being incomplete.  There has been a lot of coverage of this in the media, and your child’s school or local health authority may already have given you some information.  As parents, we have a very big decision to make, with and on behalf of our children.  There are many things to consider.  Click here to access our leaflet to parents.


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Letter Templates To Challenge Masks, & Decline Testing & Vaccines:


Templates + Open Letters

Click here to see the list of templates + open letters, which you can use to inform, influence and impress upon your education authorities and teaching staff.