Too busy to read and watch-n-learn?  Then use NET (No Extra Time) to listen and learn.  Whilst you drive, exercise, work etc., just tune in to these amazingly informative, entertaining, and encouraging online stations.  Whether you listen to live radio or pre-recorded podcasts, unplugging yourself from the propaganda of the mainstream media.  Tune in and effortlessly learning from world-class journalists, reporters, presenters, and their eclectic mix of guests, providing you with a different, unbiased view of the reality facing us all.

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The English 909

For too long radio listeners in the UK and across the world have been subjected to lies, manipulation, doom, and gloom, plus constant Government propaganda advertisements. With a HUGE playlist, The English 909 will deliver a brand-new listening experience targeting a growing & awakening audience.

Richie Allen Show

Richie Allen’s radio show is the most listened to alternative news online radio show in Europe.  Direct, no-nonsense style makes for an entertaining + enlightening experience.  With world-renowned guests and live phone-ins, which means you get to participate in this engaging show.  Agree or disagree with the self-proclaimed “Big Bald Gammon”, live Mon to Thu from 5pm to 7pm (UK time) and Sunday’s music show at 10am.  Not to be missed.

James Delingpole

James hails from Oxford University and has brushed shoulders with many of the current ruling + political classes.  As such, James provides a unique perspective on certain influential individuals.  Join James on unscripted, unedited conversations with highly sort after guests.  James is a writer for The Spectator and a self-proclaimed “libertarian conservative”.  Enjoy!

The Tenpenny Files

Dr Sherri Tenpenny hosts this much listened to Podcast show from across the pond to provide us Brits with a USA perspective on crisis we’re facing!  With a focus on Dr Tenpenny’s love of health + well-being, you’ll get plenty of tips on preserving and enhancing your health.  Listen to a wide range of mind-blowing conversations with guest experts, where you’ll feel the truth-seeking nature of Dr Tenpenny come through!  Inspiring educational listening.

The Corbett Report

James Corbett, a Canadian living in Japan, is an extraordinary researcher and filmmaker, with deep dives into ‘rabbit holes’ that will have you questioning your own views for days afterward.  Whether James is being interviewed or is doing the interviewing, the conversations provide a truly global perspective on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT anyone?) on the subject matter.  Go beyond your thinking!