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14 01, 2022

Treating Covid19, Dr Mercola

January 14, 2022|Health|0 Comments

Dr Mercola


Today, Dr Mercola has published an article online about Melatonin and its benefits in treating Covid.  The link is here


But as you know, with all of Dr Mercola’s stuff now, won’t be there long!  So I have summarised the main points.

  • While most well-known as a natural sleep regulator, melatonin also has many other important functions. It […]
14 01, 2022

Treating Covid19 + Vaccination Regrets, Dr Henry Healy

January 14, 2022|Health|0 Comments


Immune Priming – the first thing which we should all be doing is boosting our immune system all of the time.  Dr Healy’s protocol for this is similar to that of Peter McCullough above with some differences

  1. Vit D3 –  10,000 IU (Day 1 – 14) and 5,000 IU thereafter
  2. Vit E –     200 – 600 IU per […]
14 01, 2022

Treating Covid19, Dr Peter McCullough

January 14, 2022|Health|0 Comments

Firstly, Dr Peter McCullough

One of the interesting points about the Omicron variation is that if you contract it, it actually seems to provide backward immunity to Delta as well.

IODINE = McCullough waxes lyrical about Iodine, particularly Povidone Iodine.  Its advantage over Lugol’s or other forms of Iodine seems to be its stability in solution.  There are however now 12 trials which […]

5 01, 2022

Pfizer Documents Reveal Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths Over 90-Day Trial Period

January 5, 2022|Health|0 Comments


Pfizer has finally released the first batch of documents related to its trial, following a Court Order.  It was given the Emergency Use Authorisation inspite of the 1,233 deaths recorded in the first 90 days of the trial.  They certainly kept that quiet.

2 01, 2022

Oera Linda

January 2, 2022|Health|0 Comments

Oera Linda – Very fascinating interview with Jan ott by Catherine Austin-Fitts about an ancient text (compiled between 2000 and 1000 BC in old Friesian.  It is basically a text about freedom and how to stay free.

Who shall govern? How shall we govern ourselves? Why must we be honest and keep our word? How shall we raise our children, and what […]

2 01, 2022

Israeli man who’s head appears to catch on fire from the inside out!

January 2, 2022|Health|0 Comments

Disturbing video showing Israeli man who’s head appears to catch on fire from the inside out!  The possible explanation given is that it is connected in some way with the jabs – maybe the GO or other metallic nano-particles in his brain: he has then perhaps come into an area of high EMFs, perhaps 5G.  I can’t vouch for its authenticity at […]

2 01, 2022

5% of all the V batches are responsible for all the deaths and adverse reactions

January 2, 2022|Health|0 Comments

Reiner Fuellmich, Prof Wodarg and Dr Sam White discuss the data that came out in early December showing that 5% of all the V batches are responsible for all the deaths and adverse reactions.  It becomes very clear that this is deliberate and that the companies are taking it in turns to try out lethal batches in certain areas and at […]