Firstly, Dr Peter McCullough

One of the interesting points about the Omicron variation is that if you contract it, it actually seems to provide backward immunity to Delta as well.

IODINE = McCullough waxes lyrical about Iodine, particularly Povidone Iodine.  Its advantage over Lugol’s or other forms of Iodine seems to be its stability in solution.  There are however now 12 trials which show how effective Iodine is at sterilising the virus, or killing the virus in the nasal passages (particularly used with an inhalation device).  There is a link to one such study here

And below is the screenshot of all 12 studies and their findings (which you can of course enlarge if you want to take a closer look)

Povidine iodine studies

The McCullough Treatment Protocol

This flow diagram can be found online with more info at the American Association of Physicians and Doctors – with more information too

But basically he recommends the following Survival Kit for C19

  1. Povidone Iodine (very dilute) – or if you are intolerant to Iodine (some people are) you can use Hydrogen Peroxide.  This should also be used very dilute.  I have been using a mix of these two with saline solution in my Nebuliser which is great.  I use 5 ml sterile saline solution (you can buy this already made up in little plastic bullets) plus 2 ml of H2O2 at 3%. This dilutes it down to 0.04% (if my maths is correct).  And then just one drop of Iodine (I am using Lugols as I don’t have any Povidone).  It has really helped my breathing I must say
  2. 50 mg Zinc – Zinc is s polymerase inhibitor.  Of course we are familiar with the term polymerase – through the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test so what this means is that zinc prevents the amplification of nuceic acids which would otherwise happen (a bad thing leading to increased viral load) Zinc is in fact incredibly important to the immune system. A deficiency of it is associated with a loss of taste and smell and fatigue (both Covid symptoms).  It is theoretically possible to overdose on Zinc but most of us are deficient.
  3. Vitamin D – hard to overstate the importance of this one Vitamin.  Studies have consistently shown that people with Vit D levels of 50 ng// ml in the blood or above DO NOT die of Covid.  It is a really good idea to test your levels though before you start supplementing.  There are labs online who will do this for you.  You need to be around the 50ng mark – up to but not above 60ng/ml. If you are deficient or very ill then you could start with 20,000 IU per day… reducing this to a norm of 5,000 IU when you reach normal blood levels.
  4. Vitamin C – Also super important = a powerful anti-oxidant and enemy of viruses.  McCullough suggest 3,000 mg per day.  I know for myself though that often taking quite a lot more, particularly at the onset of a virus, has been beneficial.  The rule of thumb is that you can safely take it up to ‘bowel tolerance’ level which is what it sounds like.  Any excess will be excreted by the body anyway.  If you did ever find yourself in hospital though and could persuade a Doctor to give you an intravenous injection of Vitamin C, this is much more powerful, and I have heard of all sorts of cases including cancer being cured with massive doses administered this way.  I think I shared a study out of Beijing, at the beginning of the Plandemic last year showing the effectiveness of intravenous Vit C on the covid patients.
  5. Quercetin – Another antioxidant and a naturally occurring substance in lots of foods like onions, blueberries, capers and so on. Helps the cells create enymes to fight the virus. However it seems that it can also play a role a bit like HCQ or Ivermectin in terms of helping Zinc into the cells.   500 mg per day is preventative.  Take this 2x a day for treatment.
  6. Phenetidine (Pepsid) – This is a Histamine blocker, the significance being that it impairs viral replication and reduces inflammation and histamine release.  As we know a lot of the issues with Covid come from the cytokine storm (or super inflammatory response).  I guess this is also very relevant for those who have had the jab and want to minimise the inflammatory effect of the spike protein.

Peter McCullough says that using the above we don’t anymore need to use Ivermectin or HCQ unless someone is in a very acute state.

What will happen to those who have had the Jab?

The truth is we don’t know how long the effects last, although this is of course new technology – Gene Transfer Technology – which certainly lasts months and may last years and installs the Gene code for the production of the spike protein.  Undoubtedly this will ead to harm and chronic disease over time.  The fewer the number of jabs the better of course.  There are also connections with cancer (I’ve previously sent out the Dr Bridle video where he discusses this at some length) – but McCullough adds that where most cancers are a catabolic strain on the body (i.e. lead to nutritional deficiencies) this is also true of Covid and therefore some neutraceuticals that work for cancer should also work for Covid..

HCQ – has 3 different mechanisms of action: anti-viral and anti-inflammatory (and something I missed !)

Ivermectin – Has at least 3 different mechanisms of action

  • It is antagonistic to the spike protein
  • It blocks viral entry into the cell nucleus
  • It favourabley changes a whole lot of enzymes in the cell, which allow the cell to better survive the onslaught of the infection.
  • Has been used as an anti-parasitic for many years with great effectiveness and minimal risks.
  • McCullough also thinks that Ivermectin could have some anti-cancer effects because of its other mechanisms of action.  This means I think it could be helpful for those who have had the jab already.

There is an interesting corroboration of the effectiveness of Ivermectin from an unlikely source – papers that have been released from DARPA in the USA