From Robin Monotti page – Freedom of Information request to the MHRA asking for the details of the covid vaccines was refused. If we’re not allowed to know what’s in them, how can we be expected to take them?

Another FOI REQUEST shared by a UK scientist (PhD):

“Recently I made two FOI requests to the MHRA.

Please provide me with the:

1 Full nucleotide base sequence for all of the COVID vaccines approved by the MHRA

2 Biodistribution, half-life and known toxicity of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein produced cellularly after COVID vaccination

I was somewhat surprised by the response I got to the first FOI request that I’ve copied below:

“Regarding your request, dated 14 July 2021, for supporting documentation for full nucleotide base sequence for the mRNA used in both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines and full nucleotide base sequence used in the recombinant DNA of the Oxford-AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines is exempt under Section 41 (Information provided in confidence) and Section 43 (Commercial interests) of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

Section 41 is an absolute exemption and no consideration of the public interest is required, except to state that we consider its disclosure to constitute an actionable breach of confidence.

Section 43 is a qualified exemption and a consideration of the public interest should be made. We have considered the public interest and cannot see any public interest argument that outweighs the commercial harm in providing commercial secrets to competitors, who would be able to use this information to aid the development of their own rival product”

They did not address the second question.”

If we are not allowed to know what is in the injections, how can we give informed consent?