The Satanism is real.  It’s endemic in Hollywood and the Military and clearly among our ruling elites.  If you haven’t yet seen the film ‘Out of the Shadows’ made by the two Stuntmen in Hollywood it’s well worth seeing.  The long interview with Althiyan Childs (Australia’s Got Talent winner who really started to see what was happening on the inside) is also well worth listening to – I’ve sent this in previous (the Halloween email I believe) emails

The worldwide and highly organised child abuse is also real.  There are hundreds of survivors now speaking out – and of course we’ve also had the very high profile Ghislaine Maxwell case, although this is only scraping the surface of what has really been going on.  The MK Ultra programme is something slightly different – a CIA and military run programme to create people who would be mind controlled –  useful for carrying out secret missions.  I think the figure Elana Freeland mentions is a possible 2 million people who have now been in this programme over the last 70 years.

The stuff about the forest fires is really interesting.  Again these stories are being used to persuade everyone that climate change is out of control whereas is is the global elites who are clearly out of control here.

Happy Viewing.