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This is some hard core stuff for those wanting to dive a bit deeper.

5 01, 2022

RE: Down the Rabbit Hole

January 5, 2022|Adelia Tisdall|0 Comments

The Satanism is real.  It’s endemic in Hollywood and the Military and clearly among our ruling elites.  If you haven’t yet seen the film ‘Out of the Shadows’ made by the two Stuntmen in Hollywood it’s well worth seeing.  The long interview with Althiyan Childs (Australia’s Got Talent winner who really started to see what was happening on the inside) is […]

5 01, 2022

More and more and more… on the V!

January 5, 2022|Adelia Tisdall|0 Comments

Maybe we’ll start with a bit of humour. I really enjoyed J P Sears demonstration of how the FDA functions

and this lesson in How to speak Bidenese really cracked me up –  –

as we all need a laugh in these dark days.

2 01, 2022

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

January 2, 2022|Adelia Tisdall|0 Comments

Happy New Year!  Apologies for my long silence – I’ve been ill over Christmas and it’s taking quite a well to get my energy back. And I’ve had no desire to keep up with all the nonsense going on out there. At least there is a rare blue sky out there this morning.

Anyway, firstly, an inspiring short story/ video from Charles […]