Preparation is a state of mind, that’s why Baden Powell chose it as the Scout’s motto ‘Be Prepared’. As my back garden allotment takes shape (I have no green fingers) I have to solve cultivation related problems and accumulate links and contacts. This preparation section is not a shopping list. It is a list of ideas which may be useful depending on your circumstance.


Water Sterilisation: Talk of fluoride and Chlorine and weird unidentifiable taste in my drinking water makes me think of filtration and sterilisation


This week:Natural News is a great resource you can spend happy hours learning from:


  • Domestic Electricity Backup

French threats to cut off the UK’s electrical energy in a fit of pique over fishing licenses demonstrates the parlous state successive governments have left us in our energy procurement. Any p[olitical party offering UK energy independence would be on to a winner. This energy dependency on our old economic and military foes is blackmail pure and simple. French reversion to type is causing me a domestic headache. The question is:

  • How do I keep warm with an electrically powered Gas Central Heating system when Macron (Napoleon II) turns out the lights?

The electrician says I should have backup switchgear installed while I decide on the generator and/or battery backup system. For the purposes of keeping the GCH going for heating and some lighting a 5-6Kw diesel generator would probably be OK I will see what the electrician says and let you know.