I Am Human

And Wish To Remain So.

Transhumanism Imposed On Humanity By ‘Vaccination’


Around August 2020 I was introduced to the terms Hydrogel, Luciferase and Transhumanism in a video article by Dr. Carrie Madej. She took her life in her hands when she started publicising her research what made up the contents of the experimental gene therapies being marketed as vaccines and injected into the arms of billions.

Since then many studies have discovered the inclusion of parasites, metallic particles, graphene oxide and other foreign bodies whose purpose and function is unknown. Some of these agents appear to interact with the human bodies metabolism to create microscopic structures and forms.

As of now none of the Pharmaceutical companies have come forward to explain the undeclared ingredients in their ‘vaccines’

More than a year has passed and she has found out much more. Dr Carrie Madej has now devoted her life to warning all who will listen about the dangers of the Transhumanist agenda driving the ‘vaccination’ program.

The doctor explains the origins of Transhuman science, technique and methods developed for and in use by the US military and how they are used to integrate human command and control in us in the here and now.

Video Link: https://www.brighteon.com/33442039-c7f3-46ee-84cf-624ed9cbc17f

This video is a record Dr. Carrie Madej’s in-depth lecture at “The Truth About Cancer (Live) conference on the Transhumanism Agenda, what Transhumanists are doing/what they want to accomplish…

Here is a detailed 22 page (PDF) reference list that Dr. Carrie lays out as per her research on human 2.0 and the transhumanist experiment.

Download Human2.0 Research Notes