And the next thing to fight is the decision by the Health Secretary to put fluoride in UK water supply.  There is a petition here to sign to get a debate going in parliament.

Meanwhile, read the Mercola article- chop and paste and send to your MP!

Health Secretary to Force Fluoridated Water on Entire Country

  • U.K. Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced he would be adding fluoride to the water supply, a move that was supported by the chief medical officers of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • In response three British scientists sent a public letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, cautioning “This is not a good time for the British government to mislead the public on the dangers posed by the practice of water fluoridation.”
  • England’s chief medical officer dismissed the concerns, calling them “exaggerated and unevidenced.” However, there are 70 human and 60 animal studies demonstrating an association between fluoride ingestion and a reduction in learning or memory
  • Evidence also suggests fluoride is associated with ADHD and disrupted sleep patterns and is an endocrine disruptor. U.K. citizens may sign a petition for Parliament to consider it for debate. While reverse osmosis filtration can help, the most effective solution is to stop water fluoridation

Paradoxically, his announcement comes one year after a consumers’ group in the U.S. filed a federal lawsuit challenging water fluoridation that supplies 200 million U.S. citizens. The suit was brought against the Environmental Protection Agency and would require water utilities to stop fluoridation