And I don’t know if you saw this but Robin Monotti has tweeted this a couple of weeks ago

Giuseppe de Donno has been found dead at his home in Italy. Italian media is reporting suicide. The significance of this is that Donno had found a cure that was working for Covid and had been using it successfully in his hospital in Mantua.  But as we know, finding cures for Covid is not appreciated in the current climate.

This is from April 2020:

“We haven’t had a death in a month. The data is splendid. The therapy works but nobody knows it, “says enthusiastically but with a vein of sarcasm Giuseppe De Donno, director of pneumology and intensive respiratory therapy at the Carlo Poma in Mantua. In fact, in this strange short circuit between science, politics and information, something else happens. “Every day on TV,” says De Donno, “we listen to those who denied that Coronavirus could arrive in Italy or spoke of flu or that it only affected the elderly. The only ones who understand us have been working belly-up since the first day of the epidemic and don’t have time to live on television. They invented this fantastic therapy but unfortunately the space available so far in the media is small “.

De Donno: “I’m excited to see people healed so quickly. It is the only rational treatment, both biochemical and immunological of the Coronavirus that is currently in place. There will be no drug more effective than plasma. It is like the magic bullet, specific immunoglobulins are used against Coronvirus. It should be used early. If instead you expect the patient to die … then you make a mistake and it only takes the priest, that’s it! But it’s the same as aspirin’s speech in heart attack prevention. If you use it in a person who is already heart disease, it doesn’t matter. ” The limits of therapy? De Donno explains them laughingly: “It costs little, it is feasible and even democratic. We have 7 or 8 donors every day. “


About 80 Carlo Poma patients from Mantua have been treated successfully, including a pregnant woman named Pamela, who left Covid in a few hours. Among the cured Carlo Poma doctors there are those who donate blood, such as Dr. Mauro Pagani, director of Plasmapheresis: “Now I am well and I want to help those in need”.

It works like this. “Those who donate must be healthy, cured of Covid and have neutralizing antibodies,” says the director of Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine Massimo Franchini. “600 ml of plasma are taken, from which 2 doses of 300 ml each are obtained. The protocol involves 3 administrations. After the first administration there is a clinical laboratory monitoring and in the case of no response there is the second administration and so on. 48 hours apart. Compatibility for plasma is done on the blood group. ” Franchini explains that plasma has a significant level of viral safety and is an absolutely safe and rigorous product and goes into detail: “If the vaccine, which we don’t have, would make you produce antibodies, this which is passive immunotherapy transfers the antibodies. from the cured to the sick. The patient does nothing and creates nothing. But it works to save it. ”

When we ask him why this road does not spread, he explains that he is actually being adopted in Lombardy. Experimentation began on a core of 45 people between Mantua and San Matteo di Pavia, all successfully cured.”