The latest from the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting on 17th Sept –

This is a highly edited version of the full 8 hour meeting with some fascinating evidence presented (20 mins video)

Firstly a presentation on VAERS data from Dr Jessica Rose.  Rather hard to hear (fuzzy sound) but shows a 1000% increase for Adverse events in 2021.  1 in 660 people are reporting immunological adverse events associated with these jabs.

Followed by Prof Retsef Levi – speaking about the Booster programme in Israel with no proper data collection on adverse events.

Dr Joseph Fraimann (Emergency Physician) – the vaccine hesitant are much better informed than the jabbed!  We do not have the data to show that the vaccine hesitant are wrong – we need better powered studies.

Dr Steve Kirsch – the jabs kill more people than they save.  Fascinating expose of the data here. The myocarditis risk is 1 in a thousand (remember this is for young people whose risk of Covid is virtually zero)

Dr David Wiseman (14 mins) – Talks about the key evidence that was withheld from ACIP – which I have given above on Trial Site News. Also shows how deaths have increased in Israel with rollout of Booster jab.

Dr Peter Doshi (Univ of Maryland) – “what problem is this third dose aiming to solve?”.  I’ve heard this guy before – he’s really very mainstream and generally speaking pro-vax so interesting to hear his doubts here.

If you have a spare 8 hours you can watch the whole thing here: