Prof Zelenko and David Sorenson (from have put together this amazing covid Vaccine Deaths Report.  It’s not too academic; very readable and has collated lots of really useful info in one place with all the refences.

They talk about the censorship of scientists and doctors, the Whistle blowers, the actual statistics for deaths, the personal stories of those damaged/ killed by jabs/ the numbers in Israel, the science of the jabs and transhumanism including reference to this interesting video

This Spanish Dr warns that if our DNA is modified by this jab we are effectively not human anymore. Sounds rather dramatic but she says this is the case in International Law.  On P 35 they go further into the idea of using 5G to interact with our own brains – sounds like Sci Fi but it’s already happening –

  • No substance on earth communicates better with 5G than graphene oxide 5 , and no substance in existence is more efficient in penetrating the human brain and manipulating human thoughts and feelings, than graphene oxide. One company that has been using graphene to manipulate the human brain, for medical purposes, is INBRAIN Neuroelectronics. Their website states: ‘We use GRAPHENE, the thinnest material known to man to build the new generation of neural interfaces for brain restoration to help patients around the world.’ The company highlights its technology as being able to ‘read’ a person’s brain, detect specific neurological patterns, and then control that person’s neurology to alter their brain function. In their own words: 6 ‘Our graphene-brain interfaces have the capability of reading at a resolution never seen before, as well as detecting therapy-specific biomarkers and triggering highly focal adaptive neuromodulation for increased outcomes in personalised neurological therapies.’

They go further into the Deep State, The 13 Bloodlines – deep into the Conspiracy – further than I’ve gone yet but interesting to read – there is a new documentary they recommend called MONOPOLY here: