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So far I’ve  focused on combating the obvious propaganda being used in this Plandemic: the jabs, the masks, the rubbish PCR tests, the disastrous lockdowns and so on, but I have come to realise that there is a deeper and darker aspect to this agenda.

David Icke has long maintained that the world is run by a Satanic cabal, under the guise of freemasonry.

I’ve been aware of this idea for a long time but never really seen anything convincing… and I may possibly have lost a few of you already!!  However, this testimony by Altiyan Childs, the man who won the Australian X factor in 2010 is fascinating.  As a major celebrity he was initiated into the Freemasons and went along with it all until he had a Saul on the road to Damascus moment. He has broken his vow of silence and is now risking his life by speaking out about who they are, what they do and the threat they pose to life and humanity.


It is very long (5 hrs). (some bits of it you can whizz through – masses of photos of celebrities doing the signs!)  He talks about the initiations, the ritual sacrifices, the symbolism and how it is everywhere.  Anyone who is anyone in the world – the major political leaders, religious leaders, thought leaders and celebrities are all part of this same cult.  At certain levels it can seem relatively harmless – or even a force for good – but it is clear that as one rises up through the ranks of freemasonry its true nature becomes clear.

He talks about the all seeing eye, the Pyramids, the square and the compass signs – and how they are at the core of the agenda for a New World Order.

Altiyan is a Christian and an articulate one.  I’m sure many of you – good rational libertarians as you are – may take issue with some of what he says (I would take issue with some of it) but, there is another documentary which corroborates a lot of this, (which I have shared with you before) made by two guys who were Stunt Men in Hollywood.  One of them says in this documentary (Out of the Shadows) that he didn’t believe in God until he saw the reality of Satan.


It so happens that the National Academy of Television, Arts and Science (based in Los Angeles) is SATAN spelled backwards.  It could just be another coincidence but if you watched Altiyan’s testimony you will have begun to understand how important the naming (spell-ing) of things is and the symbology which is everywhere.

Hollywood is awash with Satanism – Listen to Mel Gibson’s testimony

He doesn’t name it here exactly but the story goes that he spoke out about this in the Green Room after being on a Chat show –


This next video is a talk given quite recently by a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor Jeanette Archer –

She is standing outside Windsor Castle where much of the abuse took place, and according to her the Queen and Prince Philip were present at these rituals.  This is shocking stuff.


I believe this because I actually had a woman who was a client of mine about ten years ago or so who told me a similar story – it was very hard to take in at the time, but I came to believe that she was telling the truth.

So, can you see the signs of the New (Satanic) world order in the world around you?

Siri is Isis – the all-seeing eye of the Freemasons

Just look at all the films that are coming out at this time and the film titles.

Universal Pictures bought the rights to The Exorcist and plan to make three new films in this franchise as their ‘flagship’ offering.  Really??  The first one is already out titled “Halloween Kills”…


and I quote

Many horror movies become frustrating as characters make daft decisions, putting themselves in unnecessary danger. But Halloween Kills intriguingly suggests these characters are almost doing it on purpose, lining up to be cannon fodder as a way of processing their deepest fears. Easier to come to a nasty end than live your whole life terrified…”

They couldn’t make it clearer if they tried…

The opening ceremony for CERN back in 2016 was pretty weird too – with Devils being released from the mountain and human beings in apparent servitude – just weird


Plus –

Harvesting the blood of the young is starting to hit the mainstream – See this astonishing tweet from the World Economic Forum

And finally the accidental killing of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film ‘Rust’.

Firstly, we have the alleged tweet (since removed) saying that she had news that could lead to the arrest of Hilary Clinton.  I can’t confirm this at all but her husband was, apparently, a lawyer working on Hilary Clinton’s team.

Then there is the Red October twist because life is always stranger than fiction.

One of the things that interests me about this is that the shooting took place in a chapel – how strange –


Satanists are really into ritual killings especially if blood is spilled on sacred ground.

I can’t prove anything here – the mainstream media are also busy saying “Move along now – nothing to see here” but I note that the MP David Amess was also killed in a church – which happened to be where he held his surgery.


and if you’re not given to musings on the mystical realms then feel free to ignore…

Happy Halloween!!