There are quotes from therapists who have been working with jabbed clients talking about the changes they perceive – the shutting down effect / deadening of the inner and most people not even having any awareness of this.  Thomas Mayer links these vaccines with the Soratic spirit.  Sorat (or Sorath) is the Sun Demon, the adversary of the Christ, whose objective is to extinguish the human ‘I’.  Sorat is the spearpoint of evil head-to-head with the Christ, representing the most fierce and pronounced adverse powers compared to the Luciferic influence on Man and Ahrimanic influence on Man that are more a matter of unbalances.

Sorat is the leader of the Rakshasas or Asuras, and he is “.. behind the hidden secret of black magic, that is the most fearful crime in the earth’s evolution, with which no other crimes can be compared.

One woman said that after the vaccine “I no longer felt the need to think and decide for myself; I became content to follow instructions, no questions asked. I became totally grey – everything doesn’t matter, everything is ok. My mucous membranes became dry; I felt like a reptile.”


“I experience distance, no connection, no feeling, no social contacts; I feel lost, my emotional life is cold.” “Everything should be strictly organized, I wish for order, I am resigned, on the run, only registering. In my emotional life, I experience shame, malice and maliciousness.”


“Contacts do not interest me, I find distance to other people good. I am grateful for instructions and guidance. I do not have direction in life. In my emotional life there is no empathy, no interest. In my professional life I just want to function. In an attempted meditation I bump into a wall and am pushed back.”


“I saw a high spirit being of the vaccine, a narrow, rugged, sinister figure, extremely evil, with a will of annihilation of everything that is human: The angel is as if cut off, the etheric pulverized, the soul subjugated, the Self extinguished. What remains are devoid of I – empty-shelled, automaton people; scrawny, rickety, metallic; they are to be held like puppets on a long string.”


Although the encounter with these spirits and forces are stronger for those who have been jabbed, it is possible to absorb spirits that work in the corona vaccine into the soul without being physically vaccinated. T


Mayer also discusses the effects of euthanasia – the drugs which are used actually shatter the etheric body so that the soul is completely lost in the after-life.  This is serious stuff and completely missed because of our totally ‘materialistic’ view of the world.


“One believes in being merciful, to help someone. To help someone who can no longer bear their suffering from the disease. And afterwards, everyone should be satisfied. Her husband is to this day. But in fact, something completely different happens. We do something that outwardly seems helpful and humane. But what happens? The human being is catapulted into the cosmos without after-death memory, without after-death life panorama and without spiritual light, because his etheric body explodes.” (…)


The other issue is how having had this “vaccine” affects the soul’s journey after death.  Spiritual healers, even those experienced in helping the dead, have reported that they can be overwhelmed with the vaccinated dead, and the work takes a very long time. “Who then is to take care of the immense number of vaccinated deceased? This is not manageable at all. There is an absolute shortage of personnel and training. Only in selected cases will the vaccinated dead be able to get the help they need.”


In Steiner’s view, an illness is a process of working through, from which one emerges transformed!

This is also the case with Covid19. Even if one dies of Covid19, one has accomplished a lot and enters the afterlife a bit more sovereign in the face of disease beings. On the other hand, with vaccination, the process of working through is often cut off, and one is left with empty hands in the afterlife.

Covid19 seems to be, among other things, a confrontation with the soratic beings on the level of the phantom body. Initially there is a disintegrating effect on the phantom body, just as with Corona vaccination. Living through the disease and “defeating” the soratic beings can lead to “training” and improvement of the phantom body. In the case of two people who had passed through the illness, I experienced their phantom body to be more crystalline, structured, and unified than typically.


Rudolf Steiner explained it this way: “The inner always expresses itself later in the outer. A disease is the karmic consequence of an early wrong deed, for example a lie. When such an act becomes real, it becomes a disease. Plagues are the result of past injustice of the people. They are something imperfect, which is moved from the inside to the outside. “

This means, reversely, that every disease is also a chance for development. One can seize this opportunity or not.


I have attached an interesting quote from Steiner from 1917 about the attempt to remove ‘spirit’ from human beings.

There is a video on this subject here:

Given by Dale Brunvald (which of course got itself banned from youtube!)

Hope you find this illuminating.  I certainly find it makes a lot of sense to me.