We have the truth, science, facts; we urgently need to get them to the people; it’s mass distribution stupid, and there is the challenge!

Let’s face it we have been taken by surprise, the Globalist’s political and financial power is being used to grind down rule of law and democracy. Good laws and institutions protecting our health and welfare have consistently been targeted and de-regulated away. Financial, medical, scientific, governmental, we are seeing criminality on a scale so vast it is difficult to comprehend.

For many the idea that our governments are committing mass-murder in pursuit of power for themselves along with the profitability of global corporations prepared to kill on behalf of their owners leaves ordinary people in denial. Some would rather live-in ignorance than face the horrors the Johnson Regime and its cronies are inflicting on them. Accurate, fact-based science and method are being replaced with poist truth anti-science propaganda. Good laws and governance protecting us have been a barrier to the Globalists lies, deceit and avoiding accountability.

Depending on your point of view, today – this very day – we are witnessing democracy dissolve into history as a new dark age of immoral, authoritarian, kleptocratic rule overwhelms it. Call it Fascism, Corporatism, Communism, Marxism, Feudalism, Its all of those. It is a bunch of megalomaniac criminals who have figured the world out and are robbing us of our money and our lives.

Many prefer to believe we are on the threshold of a new dawn. Not the naive, easily manipulated love-in-hippy-version, not the dreamer version but one in which hard-nosed realists take centre stage to confront and deal with the evil being cast as a yoke around our necks.

We have the science, we have the facts, we just need to move heaven and earth to get it to the people. And there is the challenge.

So, what is the problem?

  • We have great people producing brilliant fact-based information. Great
  • We have great truth telling organisations and platforms emerging all over the world. Just looking at the UK for now. Good so far
  • Our Malfeasant government exercise control, a protection racket, through influence over crony corporations eager to remain in business this includes the traditional and new social media mass communication. Not so good
  • Our Malign and Malfeasant government make sure only their propaganda and ‘facts‘ are distributed. This is their Achilles heel and our opportunity

Firstly, the Globalists have:

  • a strategic plan, funded by billionaires and leeched from taxpayers, subverting society to an alien anti-democratic ideology, enacted by corrupt politicians under their influence; and they are going for it
  • control of the Main-Stream Media (MSM) and understand its power
  • vowed to harass and disrupt any individual or organisation that challenges the regime now occupying the UK
  • the police and judiciary at their disposal to enforce tyranny

Secondly, the key to disrupting the Globalists is a media capable of bypassing the MSM and going to the citizen directly.  Building a neutral de-centralised, mass communication and distribution network is the answer. A Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter bypass. There are several challenges to overcome.  We have the facts; we have the science; we have scientists, doctors, lawyers, expert journalists able to write some of the best and persuasive investigative journalism materials.  The problem is that all these good things are stacked up four square behind us. However, they are not marketing men and women, they do not have a united distribution network to get their message of freedom into every UK house and meeting place.  We have information but we cannot deliver it – this is the media and information distribution battle which must be won.

I am not proposing to merge all alt-media organisations into one huge oracle. The alt-media is doing just fine and growing. What I am proposing is the creation of a distribution organisation, run by volunteers, capable of delivering the truth to every household in the UK whoever the source provided they promote Freedom of speech and expression, democracy and the rule of law.

Thirdly, is the blessing (and curse) of digital media.  One of the most annoying things for me personally is the wholesale flight of dissident movements almost wholesale to Telegram. Organisers, please note that you’ve created a dirty great kittled echo chamber and a single point of failure – bojo and the mass-murdering regime love it!  I do not own a mobile phone, for me the mobiles represent our progressive enslavement and a threat to health but for the purpose of activism I am considering it.  Digital platforms represent a single point of failure for any media organisation or distribution network. Especially when we are trying to put the people in government responsible for genocide before the International criminal court. Think of the number of organisations put out of business by You Tube or Facebook, overnight.  The Silicon Valley Mafia carry out the instructions of the Johnson Regime by controlling content AND distribution of information. We need to gradually disengage from the likes of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, we need to make them irrelevant. We need a network of distribution volunteers acting in concert through hubs in towns and cities around the country. The Light News has created one – and would be a great base on which to build out.  Many mickles make a muckle and if all the Alt-Media content sources could agree on and establish a distribution network bypassing Bojo’s Regime’s pet media, then what a mighty change for good would take place.

The truth is present and correct, the truth is on our side, we need a volunteer movement to distribute and deliver it.