Following on from my chemtrail rage last week I have been looking a bit more into this phenomenon.  Very interesting talk here from Clifford Carnicom, who has been investigating “chemtrails” and what they might be about for over 20 years.  He talks about some of the metal salts (nano-particles) in the aerosols and how they can be used to create an ionised sky – i.e. a sky that is electrically charged and can therefore be used to pass waves, messages or even enhance weapons.  He talks about the development of HAARP and the possibility to create a HEAVE weapon (basically using waves to lift the magnetic field of the earth up and dump it down creating far more destruction even than Hiroshima).  He also talks about the Morgellons fibres, which are self-replicating biological strands/nano-technology – really small – which can enter the human body.  We don’t know entirely what their purpose is – but these ones seem to be creating an alternative blood cell.  Astonishing