Interesting article (and video if you want to watch it) from Mike Adams talking about how speakers and others at Anti-V/ Health events are getting really sick (including him) and are sure they are being targeted in some way – he thinks sprays are being used (and perhaps if we are all attending events we should be aware of this possibility) – refers to some weird information about Psy-Ops in this area

There is more info in the video and if you just watch a couple of mins from 10:30 you’ll see Dr P and Dr T talking about how many people got sick after a recent Bards Fest

Also from 52 mins he talks about the La Palma volcano (the second volcano eruption this week!)  and the fear that a huge chunk of mountain could collapse into the Atlantic causing a massive tidal wave…  and talks about the ‘Thumper’ weapons he believes to exist that can cause geological events… or at least nudge an event.