Fascinating testimony from Kirsty Allen –  (well worth watching) …. Speaking at a Judicial Review on Human Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse – Talking about her childhood in MK Ultra and her experience of satanic abuse, along with many of her siblings  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jirRAS6CEqU

She ends with a very powerful testimony

(53 mins) – “ I remember watching ‘Roots’ and seeing the people who were called slaves. It was called slavery, but the worst kind of slavery is when those enslaved are so mind-wiped they cannot even recognise that they have been slaves; that they have been unwittingly experimented on; that their children have been tortured at home, at school and at church.  This is the face of willing slavery because silence is our consent. And there is no reward for well-behaved slaves. Slavery is not upon us: it has been on us for quite some time. There are only two energies in this world.  One is the dragon spirit force energy which encapsulates confusion, manipulation, fear and force. These are the power of the Dragon.  And the other energy is love and light. The unevolved dragon spirit force energy thinks that if we don’t stop what it’s doing, we are going along with it, which makes tribunals such as this so powerful, because once we as a society can see what has been done to us we cannot unsee it. And when those responsible for these atrocities are made accountable then whatever agreement the Dragon thinks it has with us is officially ended.”

One of the reasons I think this is very powerful is because of some of the things Elana Freeland has talked about – where she says that we are now in Phase 3 of the MK Ultra programme: no longer are people separated out at birth and treated in this way – now the experiment is being played out on all of us and I think with this Plandemic it is very easy to see.  It also makes sense of the genetic manipulation (mRNA jabs) and the nano tech in the jabs themselves – this will be a kind of total slavery it is truly hard to imagine. We have all been living in slavery for quite some time – and the way out of this is the Great Awakening.  Nothing less will do.