Published on October 3, 2021, Written by ASIA PACIFIC TODAY

There are legitimate questions surrounding Covid19 vaccines that were approved in record time and for which manufacturers and those administering it are indemnified. Of course the media has no questions, the medical profession has been silenced by regulators and the public remains ignorant of basic facts due to the might of official propaganda.

Dr Judy Wilyman is well placed to talk about the facts and science surrounding the current vaccine debate. Dr Wilyman is Australia’s leading authority on the historical control of infectious diseases. Dr Judy Wilyman has spent many years investigating the correlation between the decline in children’s health and the increased use of vaccines.

Our second guest is John O’Sullivan, CEO of Principia Scientific International, an organisation dedicated to transparency and truth and the only publishing international science association shunning political advocacy and defending the traditional scientific method.

Covid Exposed on Asia Pacific Today. October 3, 2021

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