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Dr Dolores Cahill, interviewed by Asia Pacific Today. May 21, 2021
The Covid-19 vaccines are new vaccines and only provisionally approved. They are still in the trial phase which ends at earliest in 2023. Brilliant they may well be, and enormously enriching for their investors, but are our Government’s providing the facts for informed choice in vaccination? Are there other risks to their rushed vaccine rollouts, including to front line medical and essential service workers? And why are so many eminent scientists and influential community leaders in our countries being silenced by social and mainstream media?
The Victorian Government recently commissioned a paper entitled Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies. We are not hopeful but will attempt to discuss the paper with one of its authors in another episode.
In the meantime, to talk about mRNA vaccines and Antibody Dependent Enhancement is Professor Dolores Cahill, a renown expert in immunology and the study of immune systems.

Roundtable hosted by Australia One’s Riccardo Bosi. Dolores speaks about her story of awakening, how she ended up speaking out and the shock of the sleeping masses waking up to reality when their families start dying in the months/years to come. Dolores is also starting an airline for world travel to bypass all draconian travel restrictions & rules. Riccardo draws a line in the sand and gives a last warning to those pushing the agenda to come forward and speak the truth before the end of October or they’ll be hung for treason.

Common law in Australia is vested in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901
It is the highest law of the land. Hear about Common Law Assemblies

The Founding Fathers authorised three legal systems in the Constitution, first Common Law, secondly Equity Law, and thirdly Admiralty Law, which is the law of the sea. Gradually Common Law has been displaced by Equity Law until today the Common Law is rarely heard of or understood because it has been covered up and hidden away by the legal profession for very understandable business reasons. Such people are pursuing their own private agenda. In fact the Common Law is generally looked upon as obscene by those who would assume power over us, because once confronted with Common Law they lose their assumed authority. – https://commonlaw.earth/

Big pharma, government, church leaders face arrest as Court convicts them of Genocide, prohibits injections

This groundbreaking announcement announces the conviction of those involved in global genocide. It gives every man and woman on the planet the authority to seize and destroy any and all Covid-19 paraphenalia. At the same time, we can arrest anyone who is named in the verdict for crimes against Humanity.
Verdict and Sentence of the International Common Law Court of Justice.pdf

Latest News

Japan to halt vaccine-and-test scheme amid Omicron variant spread

January 22, 2022|Politics, Stories, World|

Japan will halt implementation of a government system combining COVID-19 vaccination and testing in a bid to restart economic activities in the wake of breakthrough infections, as the highly contagious Omicron variant continues to spread rapidly, sources familiar with the matter said Monday.

Restrictions for purposes such as dining are eased under the […]

Covid-19: Lateral flow tests in children fail minimum performance standards, study finds

January 20, 2022|Children, Research, Youth|

Many lateral flow antigen tests commonly used to detect covid-19 in children fall short of the minimum standards set by the World Health Organization, as well as UK and US regulators, researchers have said.1

The research team from the University of Manchester and Germany’s Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care analysed 17 studies (12 peer […]

Pfizer-backed CDC Foundation partnered with Facebook to fund social media tactics to increase “vaccine uptake”

January 19, 2022|Censorship, Corruption, Misinformed Media, Psychology, World|

The Pfizer-sponsored CDC Foundation has teamed up with Big Tech and Big Pharma giants Facebook and Merck, among others, in order to promote Covid vaccines.

The pressure group calls itself the Alliance for Advancing Health Online and some details about its purpose and organization are revealed in an email sent to the White House […]

Australia: AVN Pursues Federal Court Case to Halt the Use of Experimental Covid Injections

January 19, 2022|Australia, Politics, Vax Damage|

Late last year, the Australian Vaccination-risks Network (“AVN”) received the legal opinion of Julian Gillespie, an opinion that was carefully reviewed by a former Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, and a world-famous Queen’s Counsel (“QC”), who both deemed the legal grounds for Judicial Review to have merit. On 6 January 2022, AVN […]

Chemoprophylaxis against COVID-19 among health-care workers using Ivermectin in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis

January 18, 2022|Ivermectin, Vax Damage|


Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) is a novel viral infectious disease that the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced to be a pandemic. This meta-analysis was aimed at providing evidence for the use of ivermectin to prevent COVID-19 among hospital workers in low-resource countries.

Medical databases including African Journals online, Google Scholar, PubMed, Cochrane library, EMBASE, COVID-19 […]


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