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Dr Dolores Cahill, interviewed by Asia Pacific Today. May 21, 2021
The Covid-19 vaccines are new vaccines and only provisionally approved. They are still in the trial phase which ends at earliest in 2023. Brilliant they may well be, and enormously enriching for their investors, but are our Government’s providing the facts for informed choice in vaccination? Are there other risks to their rushed vaccine rollouts, including to front line medical and essential service workers? And why are so many eminent scientists and influential community leaders in our countries being silenced by social and mainstream media?
The Victorian Government recently commissioned a paper entitled Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies. We are not hopeful but will attempt to discuss the paper with one of its authors in another episode.
In the meantime, to talk about mRNA vaccines and Antibody Dependent Enhancement is Professor Dolores Cahill, a renown expert in immunology and the study of immune systems.

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CONTACT TRACING COVIDdsafe app (cost $20million), now scrapped – PAVED THE WAY FOR DIGITAL IDENTITY . . .!?

August 10, 2022|Australia, Digital ID, Misinformed Media, Politics, Privacy, Psychology, Surveillance|

Users told to uninstall COVIDsafe app as it is decommissioned

The failed COVIDSafe app, invented to help contact-tracing efforts throughout the pandemic, has now officially been scrapped, with users who currently still have the app instructed to uninstall it.

The app, which cost $4 million to develop and $16 million in total spending, […]

The Pyramid of Power: Chapter 11 – The Banking Cartel & The Future of Money

August 10, 2022|CBDC, Digital ID, Finance, GreenWash, Misinformed Media, Politics, Privacy, Psychology, Social Credit, Surveillance, World|

The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Pyramid of Power

In the 11th episode of this 17 part series, Derrick Broze focuses on the history of banking, the modern Banking Cartel, and the future of money in Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Watch Season 1 and Season 2:


August 10, 2022|Australia, Climate Change, Corruption, Finance, GreenWash, Misinformed Media, Politics|

In the election campaign Anthony Albanese promised Australians he would cut power bills by $275 a year. Not only did he say he hoped to do that, he said he knew it would happen. Now he’s walking away from his election promise.

Feelings will not keep the lights on, supermarket freezers cold or […]

Stop South Africa’s health amendments, Stop the WHO

August 9, 2022|Censorship, Corruption, Misinformed Media, Politics, Privacy, Psychology, Surveillance|

What’s happening in South Africa right now concerns us all 

Last May at the Better Way Conference, lawyer and activist (or ‘lawctivist’) Sabelo Sibanda gave a clear warning to the world. He is one of many challenging the WHO’s proposed pandemic agreement which, if confirmed in 2024 at the 77th World Health Assembly as planned, would undermine people’s sovereign rights […]

Why the Chair of the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission Thinks The US Government Is Preventing a Real Investigation Into the Pandemic

August 9, 2022|Censorship, Corruption, Politics, Stories, World|

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs says he is “pretty convinced [COVID-19] came out of US lab biotechnology” and warns that there is dangerous virus research taking place without public oversight.

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and the President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. He has also served as the chair of the

Australian minister proposed the idea of using Digital ID system to de-anonymize social media users

August 9, 2022|Australia, Corruption, Digital ID, Politics, Privacy, Psychology, Social Credit, Surveillance|

An overreach in terms of what the system was designed for.

Employees at the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) have opposed the use of the Australian government’s proposed digital identity scheme to de-anonymize social media accounts. Former minister for employment, workforce, skills, small and family business Robert Stewart proposed the use as a […]

Gates Calls Social Credit Scores An “Asset”

August 9, 2022|CBDC, Children, Digital ID, GreenWash, Misinformed Media, Politics, Privacy, Psychology, Social Credit, Surveillance|

Millions of children in India can’t go to school because they’ve failed to submit to India’s biometric ID system, AADHAAR. The invasive system is praised by Bill Gates, and some US policymakers want to bring a similar social credit database to the USA.

India is known as the most populous democracy in the world. It’s also home to the largest national […]

Massive Coral Growth at the Great Barrier Reef Continues to Defy all the Fashionable Doomsday Climate Predictions

August 9, 2022|Australia, Climate Change, Environment, GreenWash, Misinformed Media, Politics, Psychology|

The near vertiginous rise in the annual growth of coral at the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is continuing, with further major increases recorded across large areas. According to the 2021-22 annual summary from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), levels of coral cover in the northern and central areas of the […]

Private Equity Firm to Acquire Ancestry for Nearly $5 Billion

August 9, 2022|Finance, Stories, World|


Blackstone announced that private equity funds managed by Blackstone reached a definitive agreement to acquire Ancestrynfrom Silver Lake, GIC, Spectrum Equity, Permira, and other equity holders for a total enterprise value of $4.7 billion. Current Ancestry investor GIC will continue to retain a significant minority stake in the company. This transaction represents the first control acquisition […]

Insurance Companies Reported ‘Unexplained’ Spike in Young Adult Deaths Amid Covid Vaccine Push in Late 2021

August 9, 2022|Misinformed Media, Politics, Vax Damage, World, Youth|

“They saw a 270% increase in myocardial infarction in 2021, a 300% increase in incidence of Bell’s palsy and of certain neurologic complaints.”

In late 2021, a surge in insurance claims had indicated a mysterious spike in deaths among young adults ages 18-49 years old that could not be entirely explained by the Covid pandemic.

Insurance companies […]


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