In one day on the 3rd February 2023, 5 more deaths were reported to the TGA after COVID-19 vaccination.

What is puzzling about these cases is that they ALL reported the SAME Adverse Event,(Following Immunisation). Furthermore, ALL 5 cases had the AGE and SEX of the person noted as undisclosed. –

Is it possible that the person submitting the report to the TGA (likely a Healthcare Practitioner) did NOT enter the age or sex of the person? This appears unlikely given it is critical information.

Is it possible the TGA hold this information on a ‘Separate, Internal & Private Database’ but purposefully withhold this information from the public DAEN (Database of Adverse Events Notification)?

Why would a government regulator do this?

Our Analysts have repeatedly shown that in at least 38 cases (where death was reported via the DAEN after a COVID-19 vaccination) the TGA were fully aware of the age of the person, but did NOT include this information on the public database. To further corroborate the TGA are withholding data, our Analysts carefully reviewed the TGA FOI 3845 report and uncovered 38 cases and more where age was disclosed in the FOI report but not on the DAEN. This is over 6 months after the report was released.

Conversely, it is not unreasonable for the TGA to ‘park’ a submitted death report under the category of ‘Adverse Event Following Immunisation’ until a full and complete investigation has been carried out. It is also possible the TGA withholds the age and sex of a person until this review is complete. If this is true, should not the TGA eventually share vital information that the public has a right to know?

Our position is that all information received by the TGA via the DAEN should be made public and every adverse event or death must be true and correct.

It has also come to light that the TGA has ‘turned off’ the BETA DAEN. No reason has been given as to why. This action raises further alarm bells because now it will be difficult for our Analysts to extract meaningful data due to the many useful inbuilt filters it uses. Why would they do this?

In conclusion. There must be full transparency when it comes to data being submitted in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines. Especially given these vaccines are still only provisionally approved and are deemed experimental. This is the only way Australians can have complete trust in those that monitor such things on our behalf. Until this is the case, we have every right as concerned Australians to question what is going on with the TGA.

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