As a way to excuse the rushed, reckless, and misleading manner in which some of the Covid vaccines were manufactured and then presented to the public, Pfizer executive Janine Small said to the EU Parliament that they were ‘moving at the speed of science’.

‘We had to do everything at risk.’

At risk? What happened to ‘safe and effective’ and ‘thoroughly tested’…? I don’t remember any health bureaucrats holding up the vaccine to the arms of our children and saying, ‘Now, this’ll be a little risky because we had to move at the speed of science!’

She was being asked, directly, if Pfizer had done any testing on whether the vaccine prevented transmission prior to it being made available to the public. Her answer matters because ‘preventing transmission’ is the only argument governments used to justify vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, fining and detaining the unvaccinated, along with all the ‘granny killer’ rhetoric that we sat through for years.

‘I understand your frustrations,’ she added. No, I don’t think you do.

Shockingly, her eventual answer was ‘we do not know’. We didn’t need to wait for trials… The answer regarding transmission became obvious when fully-vaccinated, passport-controlled areas became ground zero for outbreaks.

A genuine underclass was created in society that suffered more discrimination, oppression, and state-sanctioned public hatred than any other living group in the West today. The unvaccinated were locked out of the economy as ‘punishment’ by politicians, threatened by the heads of medical bodies that they would not be given healthcare, and in some countries they were issued with monthly fines. The unvaccinated remain banned from most of the workforce – forced to watch as Anthony Albanese imports hundreds of thousands of workers to replace them. And, of course, no one wants to talk about the mysterious deaths that continue to mount ‘co-incidentally’ – following booster shots around like a curse.

Most sensible people understand that even if the vaccines prevented transmission, there was never a valid reason to mandate them. If vaccines work – they work. Those who want them are free to take them and be ‘protected’. Regardless, we knew from the start that eradication through herd immunity was not achievable in respiratory viruses like Covid yet Covid-Zero remained the goal of ‘experts’ who had clearly given themselves one too many RAT tests.

An enormous web of punishment was set up to force vaccination. To call this free choice is a lie. It was coercion under economic, emotional, social, and political threat. The root of the problem for the West is that if any of these vaccine manufacturers mislead the public, if governments mislead citizens, and if businesses mislead employees – then it could unleash the largest global legal action tsunami in human history.

It seems appropriate then, as we watch the waters retreating off the beach in preparation for the gargantuan wave of karma, that we revisit some of Australia’s insane Covid moments.

Earlier this month, Queensland police officer Robert Eickenloff was sentenced to 120 hours of community service for smuggling his daughter across state borders because he was concerned about her mental health.

Eickenloff, in uniform, drove his police bike behind his daughter’s car as an escort down the Pacific Highway, waving her through a police checkpoint where he told the officers at Currumbin, ‘I’ve checked her, she’s alright.’ This was apparently, ‘the actions of a loving father in unprecedented times’. His daughter was also fined $4,000 for breaching the Chief Health Officer’s directions – a Chief Health Officer who is now the Governor of Queensland.

Australia now has one former Chief Health Officer and one former Police Commissioner as governors. Many would argue this is a conflict of interest given that a major complaint of the current era is politicians misusing pandemic authority against citizens. These appointments were a mistake in the court of public opinion – regardless of the behaviour of those who hold the office.

Instead of the public directing their anger over border rules at the Chief Health Officers and Premiers, they reverted to pack mentality and set their wrath upon other citizens, demanding they be metaphorically hung, drawn, and quartered for their bravery against tyranny. Had we all come together as a people in the beginning, pandemic politics never would have reached the stage where fathers had to smuggle their children over state lines.

I don’t want to see people charged with ludicrous crimes. I’d rather see nonsense rules shredded, fines reimbursed, and compensation offered to those who were harmed by Chief Health Officers, Premiers, and middling bureaucrats.

Let’s not forget Asher Vander Sanden, a woman who tried to smuggle herself into Western Australia by hiding in a truck. She was sentenced to six months in jail despite having permission to enter the state. The condition was that she undergo hotel quarantine at her own expense – a terrible burden for ordinary people. The magistrate quoted it as a ‘very serious offence’ – really? How well is that comment ageing now? Can we really allow people to sit in jail for a ‘serious offence’ that people commit in their thousands every single day? The Supreme Court overturned her sentence to 50 hours of community service after she spent three weeks in prison.

She ended up in this absurd situation for supporting her sister through a domestic violence incident, but Covid hysteria in Australia showed little mercy.

She told Mornings:

‘I tried all the other options, I first bought a plane ticket in early July and Jetstar grounded all their flights so I lost that flight, and then when I got my G2G pass, I booked a hotel room and booked a flight from Mildura to Melbourne and flight from Melbourne to Perth, and then last minute the taxi cancelled and I missed my flight.

‘I was dealing with a lot of family issues in Victoria and I was suffering really badly from anxiety, I reached out for help in Victoria and I got absolutely none and I was at my wits’ end and I didn’t know what to do and I just wanted to go home, I just felt like I was going to lose it there.

‘I just did the mercy dash back to Perth without even thinking.’

It’s like watching people recant false gods or blasphemy.

Justice Hill was, at least, critical saying that her jail term was ‘plainly unjust and unreasonable’ and admitted it was ‘difficult to understand how a sentence of immediate imprisonment could have been reached’.

I can answer that one. The press, our politicians, and the global health industry created an atmosphere of Medieval hysteria. Authority figures were panting for scapegoats to distract the public from their failed promises over hotel quarantine. Any border sneak was an opportunity to prolong the quarantine lie.

There’s a whole page titled Covid-19: Criminal Offences put up by the Western Australian government including ‘creating a false belief of Covid’ where you could be charged and given a two-year prison sentence for making people believe you have Covid. You’re also charged if you make people believe you don’t have Covid.

Today, everyone’s had or has Covid and no one cares. We are exactly where the early ‘conspiracy theorists’ told us we’d be. As soon as Covid crawled out of a Wuhan viral lab, a set amount of very elderly, frail, or otherwise seriously ill people were going to die – just as they die from exposure to the flu and a range of other ailments. The question we have to ask now is, how many people have died and will die from pharmaceutical companies ‘moving at the speed of science’?

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