The TGA has just announced a Decision to refuse to allow doctors to prescribe ivermectin for COVID. It is now clear, our TGA has been completely captured by the bio-pharmaceutical complex.

I have written and spoken numerous times about the most egregious government health policy error of all time – the failure to allow early treatment of COVID with ivermectin.  This has cost thousands of lives.

We are well beyond debating whether or not ivermectin is safe and efficacious for the prevention and treatment of COVID19.  The mountain of evidence in support of ivermectin is overwhelming and incontrovertible by any measure.  I’ve worked for 3 hard years to force the TGA and the National Covid Clinical Evidence Taskforce to cease their wilful blindness and shame them into looking at the data…..but they will not.   I will not waste my time going down that rabbit hole anymore.

Since my Substack was only started 10 January, many readers may not be familiar with the history of this issue so I have copied and pasted some earlier commentary below for background information and added what has just happened.

11 January 2023 Phillip Altman’s Substack

“It has been well known and understood for about 2 years that it was necessary to demonise and ban the prescribing of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 in order to meet one of the pivotal requirements under US legislation to release the COVID-19 “vaccines” under US Emergency Use Authorisation. Under this legislation and regulations these experimental gene-based “countermeasures” could only be released if there was no available alternative treatment. Ivermectin was one such alternative effective and safe treatment which was supported by more than 30 randomised, controlled clinical trials.

Australia followed suit and effectively banned the off-label prescribing of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. In fact, prescribers advocating the use of ivermectin could loose their license to practice or even be put in jail.

But with the waning efficacy of the so-called COVID-19 “vaccines” and the mounting death and serious adverse reaction numbers piling up in association with the COVID-19 “vaccines” there was pressure to revisit the ivermectin issue from both health care providers and the public.

After 2 long years and in response to continuing pressure, the TGA appeared to relent and on 1 September 2022 invited submissions from health professionals and the public in relation to relaxing the prescribing conditions surrounding ivermectin and allowing health practitioners to prescribe the drug off-label for the management of COVID-19. Initially, I gave the TGA “benefit of the doubt” and thought that they had finally decided to do the right thing and relax the restrictive prescribing conditions surrounding ivermectin……….it seems like my faith was misplaced. 

I compiled an extensive submission to the TGA (fully referenced) and this was submitted 28 September 2022. A copy is attached. However, after more than 3 months there appears to be no sign the TGA will do the right thing. I am now of the opinion that the Australian TGA are slow-walking this submission. It is within the power of the Australian TGA to reverse this tragic and restrictive prescribing policy immediately in the national interest. They could do it overnight! 

Every day this is slow-walked… is costing lives.”

3 February 2023

Following 17 submissions from the public, the Australian Government announced on 3 February 2023 that the effective ban on ivermectin prescribing for COVID (which were introduced in September 2021) would remain in place.

The stated reasons for not removing the restrictive Poisons Scheduling of ivermectin (which controls how ivermectin is used) included:

·      Safety of higher doses used for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 is not well established.

·      Evidence base for use in COVID-19 is not well established, in particular a lack of safety data to support use and for prolonged use.

·      When used in high doses for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19, can result in severe adverse events.

·      If removed from Appendix D there is potential to lead to shortages.

·      Patients might delay seeking appropriate medical treatment if infected with COVID-19.

·      insufficient evidence for benefit in relation to COVID-19 and significant risk.

None of these claims is supported by evidence and the TGA knows this.

You can view my submission to the TGA attached

Tga Submission To Amend Poison Scheduling Ivermectin Appendix D Item 10 Listing For Ivermectin 26 9 22 No Sign

and the TGA response HERE.

The TGA said:

“17 written public submissions received during the pre-meeting consultation, including from the Australian Medical Network (AMN, formerly the COVID‑19 Medical Network), the NSW Poisons Information Centre (NSW PIC), the Australian Society of Medical Practitioners (ASMP), the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA), Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA), and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild).”  BUT MY SUBMISSION, WHICH WAS THE MOST EXTENSIVE AND WELL DOCUMENTED OF ALL SUBMISSIONS, DOES NOT WARRANT A MENTION.

The TGA have a habit of dismissing out of hand any research or data which does not fit their narrative.  It is of interest that the TGA relied, in part, upon a Cochrane Collaboration review stating “the available evidence for ivermectin is of low to very low quality and is insufficient to come to any clinically meaningful conclusions”.

The fix was in………read the response to the Cochrane Collaboration published review by Dr. Tess Lawrie and Dr. Edmund Fordham. 

Cochrane Bird Group Reply To Cochrane Copy

This Cochrane report should never have been relied upon by the TGA to support the effective banning of ivermectin use for COVID-19.

Prof. Robert Clancy and myself have previously outlined the irrefutable case for ivermectin ATTACHED. 

Quadrant Clancy Oct 2021 Ivermectin Copy

Quadrant July 2021 Altman Pdf

We stand by our words.  Recent clinical evidence confirms the safe and effective attributes of ivermectin. There are now more than 90 supportive clinical trials in more than 100,000 patients.  Whole countries such as Mexico, Peru and India have had dramatic success in controlled COVID with ivermectin but our TGA is wilfully blind to these successes.

After all the mistakes, misinformation, disinformation and lies of the government and TGA over the last 2 years, they come up with the most destructive and irresponsible decision of all – denial of safe and effective early treatment of COVID-19 with ivermectin.  Is this corruption or incompetence?  I will leave it to the reader to decide. 

All I can say is that there is little doubt that this Decision will cost lives…….and the TGA know it but it appears they do not care.  It seems it is more important to promote dangerous, experimental and expensive gene-based so-called “vaccines” which have lost efficacy. 

The bottom line is simply this……..ivermectin presents a cheap, effective and safe option to prescribers to prevent and treat COVID-19.  If it were allowed to be prescribed it would encourage people to consider protection and treatment other than the expensive drugs and vaccines which were rushed to be Provisionally Approved with little safety or efficacy data.  The bio-pharmaceutical industrial complex, which I suggest now includes our TGA, cannot allow this to happen, even if it costs lives.

In my opinion, our once proud TGA, has been fully captured by the bio-pharmaceutical industrial complex and their primary concern is no longer the protection of the Australian public. 

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